Meet Arya and Pandora! <3

Finally after such a long wait my new girls are back from spa with new amzing fece-ups by La Coterie de la Lune!!! And they look AWESOME! I can’t stop recommending her, because she is a great artist and so professional! The weather really didn’t help at all but she kept me informed all the time and even sent me a cute scarf as a gift ❤

They arrived yesterday morning, but it was a busy day for me, because even if we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I actually had a big dinner and many friends over so I was busy the whole day cooking hehe. I had time to make a quick crappy video introducing them and a couple of photos you can see in my Flickr!

Here they are ready:

 Meet Arya!

Arya (Narae Dreamer 416 in Korean Real Skin) is wearing her default look, I think she looks so perfect! Her wig is [FMDM-1058] CoCo Brown from ForMyDoll and her eyes were actually the default glass eyes that came with my Serena (Iplehouse nYID Bianca), and they are a grey-ish light blue that couldn’t be more perfect for her. She is wearing a mix and match outfit from various makers because in her story she lives in a quite peculiar world and she dresses a bit differently from us…this is something she could wear in her world but in a very specific situation. I will try to tell you a bit more about her story soon since it is quite complex 🙂

Meet Pandora!

Pandora (Unoa Lusis Minifee Hybrid) is a forest nymph. Her animal is the dear and she can turn into one, but she can also turn into other animals or plans (even if it is harder for her). I will explain more about her soon too though 😉 This look is not what I had planned for her, because the one I planned actually didn’t work so I just put this wig and eyes on her for now, but I guess I will buy her something else 🙂 Her beautiful outfit is by dear Floriana from HarajukuDolls, and it is her “forest” outfit, it is perfect for her! Usually she wears human clothes (mori and romantic style) when she is with humans, but in the forest she usually wears this one.

I am soooo happy about them! Hopefully I will have some free time soon to take more pics and tell you more about them 😉

2 thoughts on “Meet Arya and Pandora! <3

  1. I am glad they are home! Wow, but your face up artist is fast! They both look stunning and I am super excited to hear about their backstories. I love their outfits. Pandora’s is quite interesting.

    • Thank you! She was actually fast when the weather started helping! And I love the results so much. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to take pics of post about them lately 😦 I am glad you like them though! Can’t wait to post more about them ❤

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