I am sooooo happy!!!! Why? Finally I will have my two new girls back from face-up!!!!!! Also my Narae is ready AND SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!

Arya's beautiful face!!!

[image from La Coterie de la Lune]

This means Pandora and Arya will be shipped out tomorrow! They could be here by the end of the week so this is exciting news πŸ˜€

Finally I am revealing her name, she is Arya, but I will present her properly when she arrives. Oh and those are her default eyes too, which look awesome ❀ *HAPPYDANCE*

I am so happy with them, the face-up artist did an awesome job, I already loved her work but I am so impressed with the result and professionalism! Totally recommend Luna from La Coterie de la Lune if you need face-ups and she has good prices too πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “HAPPY DANCE*** :D

  1. Oh she is looking wonderful! Those Naraes are such lovely dolls. I’m glad Bimong is re-releasing the sculpts again. I might have to get one one day, maybe. Not sure which of the Ns I like yet.

    Her name sounds lovely, mysterious and magical.

    • Thank you! I am so happy about this girl she is so special: so glad I got her when I got the chance! I love the Narae 404 too but I feel there are a lot around… Bimong dolls however are all stunning, I guess if I didn’t have a Narae already I would get one someday. But I will keep stalking Bimong’s releases as he has such beautiful sculpts, that I love!!!
      I will write a bit about Arya when she gets home πŸ™‚ There’s also something to do with her name, I am glad you like it! I actually had a hard time finding the perfect name for this character!

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