Pandora’s Face <3

Just wanted to drop by and show off my Unoa Lusis girl who just got her face-up done! The face-up artist sent me the pics yesterday night (she told me they were done lightbulbs so the colours were much stronger than in real life) and she looks amazing!!! 🙂 YEY!!!

Hopefully she will be able to do my Narae’s face-up soon (if the weather just stopped being so uncooperatively damp!) and I can have my beautiful new girls home!!! I am getting so impatient, even if my dolly time until Christmas will be close to nothing…

Here she is:

 photo 10841578255_bdcf33f8ac_o_zps403e6ca0.jpg

[image from La Coterie de la Lune]

4 thoughts on “Pandora’s Face <3

    • Thanks!! I love how she looks 😀 I also love La Coterie de la Lune’s work, she is amazing!!!! I know…it’s a pain!!! I keep looking at her page to see if my girls head show up!!! And I probably would send her an e-mail asking how it is going everyday just hoping she says she will work on them! I am kind of impatient…yeah…

  1. Oh my gosh, she looks amazing! Your artist did a wonderful job on her face.

    Did you see that Bimong has a new website now and seems to slowly be re-releasing some of his Narae sculpts and some new ones. Looks like he gets a certain number ready and then puts them up for sale so they ship straight away. I am keeping my fingers crossed he re-releases a Chu. I’d love to be able to get my hands on that sculpt. Although, his latest Dandelion re-release was tempting…

    • Thank you! I am really happy about how she turned out!
      I know I saw it!!! For now I am glad about my girl but I have to say his dolls are quite tempting! I love Chu, she is adorable!!! And I was thinking about Dandelion too, maybe if she is re-released and I have funds, I will snatch her: she is simply amazing! ❤

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