Just another concept: Pandora

Just a quick post because I made another Dream Selfy concept for a doll, that I just noticed I never presented or talked about.

Another Concept: Pandora

Her name is Pandora and she is my Unoa Lusis/Minifee hybrid (who will probably already have her body when she gets home from spa). She is a forest creature, not quite human, although there are some human aspects about her. She can change into a deer and also communicate with animals. She is not very good with humans though and she is really quiet, she rarely talks. I don’t know if she will be included in the w.i.s.h.e.s stories but I guess she would get along well with Vanilla 🙂

I am going to share more about her later, when I get her head back. I am thinking she would look awesome with a pair of antlers from Sparrow’s Shop, but I am still waiting to see how she works as a doll so I can decide exactly what to do with her 🙂

2 thoughts on “Just another concept: Pandora

  1. Love her concept! This is the new Unoa Lusis head that you got not long ago?

    Oh Sparrow’s Shop has such great antlers and horns. I’ve been wanting to buy some horns for my pukifee from that shop. Haven’t managed to got around to it yet. I have a long list of things to buy for my dolls but because I have to ration how much I spend each month on doll things, it’s taking ages.

    • Thanks! Yes she is my Unoa Lusis from a while ago! She decided to join Narae for her face-up and she is coming back home soon (hopefully)…in the meanwhile I found her a body in the secondhand market so she will be complete as soon as she gets here! I haven’t talked much about her because her head was kind of an impulse buy and I wasn’t sure if she worked for what I had planned. Hopefully she will! 🙂
      Sparrow has awesome stuff!!! I have been meaning to get something from her but I guess I never had a doll for it! It’s good to have a ration on how much to spend 😉 I should work on that! Especially now I used most my funds on new dolls, but they need a bunch of new stuff hehe

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