OMGOMG!!!! I am so happy! I had been wishing for a Feeple60 but I had never gotten to buy her, and then Fairyland says they are closing the line “temporarily” and I was sad because I had already bought 2 dolls: Luts Delf Arwen and Iplehouse JID Owen (one was a christmas gift for myself and one because I sold 2 dolls) and I didn’t have the money to buy her… And then she was perfect for a character from Arwen’s story (more on that later) and I was like “darn fairyland” for the wrong timing…

[image from Fairyland]

But something happened: I am getting her for Christmas as a gift from my significant other!!! That was unexpected hehe! I just ordered a Chloe with default face-up and 2 extra pairs of hands: I love her default! (it’s actually the only Feeple60 I like with default) 😀 I have many plans for her too, the next months waiting will be calmer though, planning them and buying just some basics for the new dollies. Three dolls ordered at the same time: that’s a record even for me! Let’s see who gets in first 🙂

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