Another Space 43cm body

Since you might have read in my previous post I just bought an Another Space 43cm Peanut at LDoll Festival. She is not yet read for her official presentation (I will make another post on her character) but many people have been asking me about her body so I decided to make a post about it. Like I said before: I like her body quite a lot, it is simple and single jointed but very sweet and well made (i am quite picky about hands and feet design and I must say they are great!). For a single jointed body she poses quite well, better than my Narae, but I am considering sueding her arms to get some more range of montion. She stands well on her own, she is very sturdy and stable :)

Here are some pictures of her  in simple poses, so that you can get an idea of how it looks like. She is normal skin and has the factory face-up, in case you are wondering 🙂 Enjoy!

 photo DSC04088_2_zpsfbfa0564.jpg

 photo DSC04093_2_zps31c97724.jpg

 photo DSC04095_2_zpsbf0c4dbb.jpg

 photo DSC04100_2_zpsf4fd379c.jpg

 photo DSC04104_2_zpsfd89cd8f.jpg

Extra pics of hands detail and leg joints:

 photo DSC04098_2_zps955b4e2b.jpg

 photo DSC04109_2_zps382361b3.jpg

EDIT (11 Oct 2013): I am posting also this comparison with my other MSDs so you can have an idea of her scale.

Another Space/Minifee/Narae comparison
From left to right:

Fairyland Minifee Rheia NS
Another Space 43cm Peanut NS
D-Storic Narae Dreamer 416 Real Skin

She is quite slim (only a bit chubbier than Minifee and Narae) and she fits most of the slim Mini clothes and the normal MSD clothes, also her feet are quite slim, but Minifee shoes are a bit too tight (I didn’t try all of them though) normal MSD shoes fit better. I didn’t buy her to be part of my stories because I think she looks a little out of place with the slim minis. She is chubbier and much more childish, for me she looks like a child/young teen that is too big with them. However that’s a question of taste 🙂

Please forgive the faceless Narae but she left on Tuesday for her face-up! Yey!

2 thoughts on “Another Space 43cm body

  1. Thank you so much for posting these posing and body shots.

    I love how beautifully sculpted she is and those hands are just gorgeous. I actually don’t mind single jointed bodies personally, my Heeah is single jointed and she’s a rock.

    • Your welcome, glad I could help 😉 Maybe now you are more relaxed considering buying a Choco?
      I agree, she is beautifully sculpted, her body is detialed but simple and childish and the hands/feet are gorgeous 🙂 I actually agree that single jointed bodies are not a problem, they are great doing basic poses and quite stable, and they allow much more realistic sculpting in my opinion 🙂

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