What if I could only keep one?

I took some pictures of Eliza (my FL MNF Rheia) a while ago and it got me thinking that she is the perfect doll.

What if I could keep just one?

I am not great at picking favorites between my dolls, but I definetly do have favorite sizes and I connect a lot differently to different dolls at different times. For instance my favorite dolls are MSD although I find SD fascinating as a size, I also like tinies but I much prefer the mature dolls. My favorite tinies are Pukifee, they are so cute and fun to dress, but I find Yo-SD beautiful as well and they have a lot more “personality” being a bit bigger. I am not as connected to really tiny dolls, like Puki and I recently discovered the mature tinies (1/6 mature dolls) and I am still getting used to them. At the moment I am more focused on my mature dolls, I keep feeling inspired by them rather then the small ones… I also prefer female BJD (as you probably noticed), I usually fall in love with the girl sculpts and not the male ones.

Other than this I love all my dolls, I always buy them thinking about the “role” they will have in the family or their character and I get really attached to them as characters and dolls, that’s why I find it so challenging to sell a doll. I only sold dolls I wanted to re-shell in other dolls, because I find it hard to give up my characters, especially when they are part of my stories, or when they have a strong background.

What if I could keep just one?

But looking at Eliza made me think: what if I really had to sell them and could keep just one? Well, Eliza would certainly be the one to stay.

Why? She is definitely my oldest and more developed doll character and I love how she grew since I got her first “self” (AoD Qing) until now. She is amazing and her character feels so alive to me, that she became my muse and the main character of my stories. It is crazy that she almost would act according to her “own” will in the stories, I would plan something but when taking the pictures the story most of the times would go in a different direction.

I also love her as a doll: I love Minifee dolls and the Rheia sculpt is definitely my favorite sculpt ever. She is beautiful and mature and her lips and eyes are amazing, and she is also a very versatile mold. I love that I was able to get her with the default face-up, I have to say that also this is one of the most perfect Fairyland defaults ever! I adore the colours and the expression they used. Eliza’s dressing style is also quite fun to shop for (although it might be a bit frustrating sometimes because she doesn’t wear pants and shorts): she is all about skirts and dresses, and really simple, romantic and classic clothing, that always looks great on a doll. And last but not least: I love her wig and eye combo and how perfect it looks on her, she was probably my easiest doll to come up with a look, and I don’t imagine her in anything else because the way she looks now is TOTALLY Eliza.

I am not planning to sell anyone at least for now, but Eliza is certainly staying with me. She is PERFECT!
What about you? Any favorites? Feel free to post a link to blogs/sites if you already did some post like this. I guess it would make a really fun TAG too…

What if I could keep just one?

4 thoughts on “What if I could only keep one?

  1. This would make a fun tag!

    I really enjoyed reading about Eliza. As you already know, I knew about her in her previous incarnation – in fact, I remember seeing her sales thread and wishing I could buy her at the time. I also love her new reincarnation. I myself did buy a Rheia earlier this year but ended up selling her head which to this day, I still regret. I too love the Fairyland default face up for her and am still debating if I will get her again on the M-Line body if they ever release that again.

    It’s hard to pick a favourite for me. I have recently released that realpuki size isn’t really for me. It’s too tiny but I love the Pukifee size as it’s perfect and between tiny size and yo size. I did own a Yo SD at one stage but ended up selling those on because I found I wasn’t a huge fan of that size.

    I started out this hobby with SDs so I was surprised when I got my first MSD (RS Li – now sold) and how much I actually did like the size. The strange thing is, I almost started out with an MSD sized doll as my first (DZ Hid) but for some reason I ended up choosing an SD instead (DF-H Lyre). I still wonder to this day what would have happened had I chosen the MSD doll as my first and whether I would have ever tried SDs after that.

    I do like SDs for their presence and am fascinated by their size but I have whittled the numbers of my SDs down to five (I used to have 9 SDs). And I am still debating about whittling that down even further to 3 at some stage.

    I must admit, I find it easier to seek out male sculpts that I like than female sculpts. I find it hard for some reason to ever find a female sculpt I like enough especially in the SD size. I don’t have so much trouble with MSD and in fact with MSDs, it’s the male sculpts I have a hard time finding that I like enough.

    But if I had to sell all my dolls except one … I think I would be hard pressed to decide which one as my favourites are MyDolling Heeah, Limwha Mono and Dollshe Saint…If I was allowed only 3, they would definitely be the only three I would definitely keep.

    This was a great post of yours. It got me thinking …

    • It was a lot of fun to read your answer to the question too πŸ™‚ I would love to see your Rheia someday, hopefully they release the M-Line again: Rheias are amazing!
      It’s weird how much a first doll can influence your collection, I started with MSD and I find SD really amazing and full of presence but hard to manage. I am really happy about my Serena but I think I wouldn’t buy another SD…at least for now. I totally agree that it is sooo much harder to find good MSD male sculpts! Maybe that’s why I ended up only having one and preferring girls.
      I love your doll choices, they are some of my favorites in your collection too πŸ˜€ Glad you enjoyed this!!!

  2. I can definitely see why Eliza is your favourite. She comes across in your pictures and stories as having a strong character/background, and she is lovely!

    If I could only keep one doll, it would definitely be my Littlefee, Emily. But oh, I would have a hard time giving up the others either! LOL

    • Thank you dear! Your comment is really sweet and it made me happy to know I manage to pass that feeling with my photos and stories πŸ™‚
      Your Emily is precious! She is definitely one of my favorite Littlefees ever! But I totally understand that it is hard to imagine giving up all our dolls, I feel the same too! That’s why it was fun to create this sort of discussion: it is not something that comes to mind often πŸ˜‰

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