Photo Challenge #1 and #2

I’m back in Lisbon taking a 10 day break! The project went well but it was exhausting: still a long way to go but the most stressing part should be over. Hoping to go back to having time for dollies and looking forward to Ldoll!!!

Photo Challenge #2
I made a small story for a weekly photo challenge over at the Portuguese BJD group on Facebook. I am having a lot of fun with it, and it is actually the first time I participate in such a thing, because I am always afraid I will end up forgetting or not having time. But since it is quite simple and relaxed I decided to give it a try. This week’s theme was Bed Hair- Messy hair when you wake up, and the victim was Alice. I actually love the way it turned out so I decided to post:


Bed Hair #1

Alice: Wha…What’s going on?
Me: Good morning Alice! Sorry for the photo, but I am doing them for a photo challenge, the theme is Bed Hair.
Alice: ARE YOU KIDDING??? Don’t even think about it! Turn away the camera because you are going to have to give me time to get presentable! My hair looks awful!
Me: But…but that’s the aim…

Bed Hair #2

Alice: Here! Now it looks much better. You can take the picture: is the pose alright?
Me: But your hair is not a mess anymore!
Alice: I’m sorry, but the theme is BED hair or BAD hair? Because I have hair and I am in a bed so it should work. Also, people have to think I actually wake up like this: looking fantastic!
Me: Ok, ok….

Photo Challenge #1
Since I posted the second one I thought: why not post also the first one? The theme for this one was “Once upon a time…”. It’s not very elaborate because I didn’t have much time to dedicate to it. It’s inspired by Rapunzel (yeah I know the hair should be longer – Charlotte borrowed Serena’s wig for this – , but hopefully is enough to be convincing).

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...


2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #1 and #2

    • YEY!!! I was so happy when I saw comments from you, I miss them 🙂 Hope you are feeling better! Thank you for taking time to comment!
      The dress is beautiful: it came with my Ryeon when I got her and it is from Silje, I love her dresses they are amazing quality. Actually it doesn’t fit my girls style at all but I liked it so much I decided to keep it.

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