The faceplate!

I have been really busy lately with my thesis work and also kind of down in general, but I don’t even have time to play with my dolls for some therapy…

However I decided to write this post to tell you the news: I got a brand new Unoa Lusis faceplate!!! I decided to get her because I have been drooling over Unoa/Minifee hybrids for quite some time now and she is my favorite Unoa sculpt, and then suddenly she was for sale in the Italian BJD Forum, brand new and unopened and I thought it must be a sign! For now she will be a faceplate and a head back (waiting for her head back from Amaeta), but she might have to wait for a body for a while.

Hopefully will have time to make plans for this girl soon, since I have a character in my mind for quite a while now and she is perfect.

Here she is:

 photo DSC03406_2_zps076799cf.jpg

2 thoughts on “The faceplate!

  1. Congrats! I can’t wait to see what face she will get. I’ve always been fascinated by the Unoa girls and boys but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get one. I came close once but I like to see what other people do with them and I enjoy seeing how others bring them to life more I think.

    • Thank you! I have a lot of plans for her and I hope she will work. The thing with unoas is that if they don’t get the right face-up they can simply not work out well! She will probably join Narae when she goes to Luna from Coterie de la Lune, whose work I love so I am pretty excited to see her finished!!! I have been looking for Minifee bodies, hoping to find a good deal, I am quite impatient in getting her finished since I am not that good dealing with floating heads XD

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