The new girl and the old gang…

I haven’t had a lot of time to think about this girl’s name and it will be a month until she gets a face-up, but I thought she deserved at least some pictures with decent lighting and clothes on. She is soooo perfect ❤ Check my Flickr for more pictures!

New girl <3

I was also asked about the differences between the Narae and Minifee bodies and I decided to take some simple comparison shots for those interested.

My Narae is a N416 (Dreamer) from 2013 in Korean Real Skin and large bust and the Minifee is Charlotte (my Ryeon) from 2010 in NS and A-line body with small bust (she has not yellowed, or maybe just a little but almost unnoticeable when compared to my newer Shushu from 2012).

As I said in my previous post Minifees are obviously better posers, especially because the Narae body is not double-jointed. Charlotte holds her poses much better and is more stable (which gets her a much wider range of poses), however Narae feels sturdy and heavier. I also love the sculpting on my Narae, she has a much more photogenic and mature body and a lot of attention was given to details, the hands, the feet and her belly (OMG I love her belly). You know I am a huge fan of the Minifee’s body (no better body when it comes to posing and they are really cute and well made), but I have to say Narae wins by far when it comes to aesthetics (however i guess I will have to do some sueding at some point if I want her doing some serious posing).

Minifee&Narae Comparison

 photo DSC03247_2_zps6d254620.jpg

 photo DSC03258_2_zps2de2b2ac.jpg

I also took a picture to compare her skin to Iplehouse’s Peach Gold, as her and Serena are my two “tanned” beauties. Even if Peach Gold is more like “sun-kissed” than actually tanned. I love both of these girls skin color!

 photo DSC03283_2_zpse3fd467f.jpg

2 thoughts on “The new girl and the old gang…

  1. Thanks for doing this comparison post! Your Narae’s body reminds me a little bit of my Heeah’s body (except for the large bust!). Heeah’s body feels quite solid too but it’s not double jointed. I don’t mind though. Mine is a great poser. I actually have problems with my A-Line body – she is super fiddly to pose but my B-Line body is much more solid and really easy for me to pose. I just wish Fairyland would re-release their Moe Line.

    • I love how Bimong sculpts his dolls’ bodies, they are beautiful. I guess you were lucky with you Heeah!!! My Narae is not that great of a poser apart from some simple posing. Her legs especially! But I can totally live with it.

      On the other had my Minifees are awesome posers! That’s mainly why I used them in my photostories and I ended up having only Fairyland dolls. Every other doll I owned could not live up to them… I like how the Moe Line is made too, but I don’t like a lot how it looks next to A-Line in proportion, to me they look weird together, so I guess it doesn’t work for me.

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