New eyes and other news

My order from Captured in Glass from DoA arrived and my girls got new eyes!!! I love their eyes: the quality is amazing and the price is really good (only 8.38$ a pair). Five out of my 13 dolls are currently wearing CiG eyes so I must love them, hehe 😀

Unfortunately this time I had a small issue with the order. I bought a pair of 6mm for Penny (my Xagadoll Lara) and they are of two different colours (the right eye is the actual colour I wanted, the other is much lighter and almost white), but I immediately contacted Lu and he was very undertanding about my complaint. He offered to send me a new pair soon for free, so I even made another order that will be coming together with it. The only problem is that since these orders come with Airmail from China they usually take a lifetime to arrive!!! Hopefully it will be faster than last time because it isn’t August anymore…and my little girl will have her eyes at last!

New eyes!

The search for Izzy’s perfect look continues! She also got some new eyes. I have too say they are pretty cute, although they are so much more blueish than I expected…in the pictures they seem like a turquoise-greenish tone. I guess they are not yet final but she will be keeping them for now 🙂

New eyes!

She got her temporary wig back for a second to do this picture, but since the new girl has been using it lately, it didn’t last long…:

 photo DSC03303_2_zps2e35e4a4.jpg

Isabelle: Hey! Where did it go?
New girl: I’m sorry little girl, but I’m keeping the wig!


As in other news:

I just wanted to add a couple of other news in the blog and in the dolly communities in general.

I had been planning to change the Doll Family page of the blog for quite a while now and I finally did it. I added an individual picture of every doll I own plus some profile info about them. I am planning (actually I have been for a long long time but I never got to it) to write the rest of the backstories at least for my characters in the photostories. They are actually a lot of fun to do so I hope to do them soon, but for now only George and Eliza have them.

I also added a photostory index of all my dolly stories, so that it is easier to find a specific story or go through them, you can find it in the Photostory page in the blog menu.

And finally I decided I am not using ipernity anymore. My subscription as a club member ended and I am not renovating it. I understood that most people keep using Flickr and I decided I will too, as I am managing to get used to their new system and that’s where the community is (I guess that’s the most important). I also understood that it is really hard to keep up with the two accounts in the end…I always forgot to upload stuff there. I will keep this account for now, at least to try to keep up with the few people who left Flickr for good. But there will be no updates or uploads!

Here is my link on Flickr if you want to continue following my pictures and updates:

4 thoughts on “New eyes and other news

  1. I really like the colours you have chosen for their eyes. I have found that with glass eyes too (from Alice Collection) except the problem I have found with some of the ones I have ordered is that one pupil can be bigger than the other.

    Oh and boy do I agree about China post. I ordered something from ebay and it took a month to arrive and the kicker? It didn’t even fit.

    I started to do that with my doll family too, add in individual photos and profiles for them but then I binned the idea because I am forever changing my dolls’ characters/stories. I think it’s because I have so many characters and stories and I don’t really want to shell all of them, I wouldn’t have the space for that many dolls!

    I deleted my ipernity a while ago. I only went back to flickr because a few people I want to still see photos of their dolls are on there but I still hate the new flickr. It still takes forever to load up someone’s photostreams but admittedly, flickr is the place that has a ton of food photography groups too which I like to browse. I don’t upload a lot there. In fact, more and more, I’m finding I prefer my blog to anything else and I use deviantART whenever I am in the mood to be more artsy. I’ve really cut back on the places I visit online these days.

  2. Thank you! I love how the pinkish eyes look on Penny but I am still not sure about Izzy (the color is really pretty though). The problem with these eyes is that they are hand made and so sometimes they have small differences, but usually almost unnoticeable. In this case it was a bit more serious since it is quite obvious (in person it looks even worse). I hate that China post takes so long, I am really hoping it will be faster this time. I totally get you, its so frustrating to wait that long and then the stuff is not even right…that’s more or less what happened to me with the eyes…

    I love the way you organise your dolly stuff and how you use one doll to represent more than one character. I guess it is another interesting way to live the hobby, and it certainly is more open and versatile that having just fixed characters like me. I guess that’s why I went searching for Serena, Penny and my new Narae, because I needed less fixed characters, than the ones in my stories. I guess I kind of needed a page to organise all their info (also for myself) and I love creating their backstories, because it really helps me connect and understand them better when I put them to paper instead of just keeping it in my mind.

    Yeah, Flickr kind of sucks, but it became my place for sharing pics and I never got used to deviantart so it will have to do. I also love the community over there and that’s mainly why I use it…

  3. What size eyes do you use for your Minifee’s, littlefee’s and pukifee’s? I think the size and color are amizing. I’ve never dared buy smaller eyes than what my dolls came with. I’ve enjoyed your post and pics.

    • Thank you, glad you liked this post! I usually use eyes 1 size smaller than the company recommend, as it looks more realistic: 14cm for minifee and littlefee and 10cm for pukifee! I love CiG eyes: they are awesome quality, totally recommended.

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