My Narae is home!!! <3

This morning I was excited because my Narae’s tracking said she was already in Italy, but I never thought she would get her so fast!!! At 6pm the doorbell rang, and when the doorman of my building said there was a pack for me, I almost fainted with excitement! She was really fast 😀

Here she is, and she is perfect!!!!! I’m completely smitten with her ❤ (I’m sorry about the bad pictures but it was already getting dark and the light was bad…I’ll take better ones tomorrow )

 photo DSC03232_2_zpsd0773ebf.jpg

When I opened the box and I saw her colour I was amazed at how perfect it is, and her face is just GORGEOUS! Even without a face-up I can’t stop looking at her 0.0
Luckily, I had some 10mm glass eyes waiting for her (since she had none), they were Serena’s (my Iple nYID Bianca) default ones, but they are really pretty. I change them on Serena because I wanted her to have green eyes. I have to say they look really good on the new girl, and they look a bit dark in person but they photograph really well, so she might keep them. She s borrowing Izzy’s (FL LTF Rachel) temporary Mohair wig, that probably Izzy won’t keep for long. I have to say she looks quite good in it, but she will probably get her own wig eventually.

 photo DSC03230_2_zpse85f0a5c.jpg

Her body is beautifully sculpted, I was amazed at how detailed and realistic her feet and hands are (the hand are simply WOW), but after being used to Fairyland bodies I have to say she is a hard poser…especially her legs, they bounce a bit all over the place. I guess I will have to do some sueding or something like that, but in the end I can live with it. I am used to bouncy legs already since Serena suffers from the same problem, even if Iple’s arms are beautiful for posing. Now she just needs a face-up! She is patiently waiting until the end of September to be sent off to Luna from La Coterie de la Lune to have her face done. I am so excited, I love her work so much!!! Can’t wait to see her ready 🙂 Meanwhile I will be thinking about a good name…! I haven’t been this excited about a doll in a long time!!! I am really happy about her ❤

Here are some B.O. pictures, just because I missed making these:

 photo DSC03221_2_zps047329ae.jpg
 photo DSC03223_2_zpsb6e73316.jpg

 photo DSC03225_2_zps3ea59eff.jpg

 photo DSC03228_2_zpsf971e1b4.jpg

 photo DSC03229_2_zpsd6ed306f.jpg

 photo DSC03224_2_zps0299138b.jpg

And an extra pic of her trying a different wig, she look so different and a bit asian in this one: really cute! But I guess that with her beautiful face she can pull off any look 😉

 photo DSC03237_2_zpsce3be5f5.jpg

4 thoughts on “My Narae is home!!! <3

    • Thanks!!! I am so happy!!! Her colour is perfect, her body is perfect!!!! (yeah, I’m suffering from new doll sindrome hehe) I can’t wait to send her away for face-up 😉

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