Photostory: Family Ties

You must be wondering: What? New Photostory????

Yeah! I know…it is unexpected. Since this week I am still working from home I started feeling nostalgic(with a new doll coming and everything); and during a break I started looking at the old photostories I used to make. I was really happy to read them, it has been a while since I read/make them and they made me laugh and feel warm inside…but especially they made me remeber how much I enjoyed making them! Too bad they are too time consuming…
Then I remembered: I still have a couple of stories I made last year in August/September when I was home in Portugal and I have been meaning to post them but then I never did. So I went looking for them and they were practically ready for posting. I decided to post this one and probably the other one soon, for old times sake! And in the end, I never presented Alice and her character in the stories, so she deserved it. If you don’t remember where the stories ended last time or if you don’t know my doll stories you can find everthing in the Photostory section of my blog 🙂


This story was made in September 2012 so this is before the dolls and I moved officially to Italy, it was supposed to be Alice’s staged BO (hence the box). The photos are made with my old camera and are quite crappy but I didn’t loose time editing them, sorry! And most important: THIS DOESN’T MEAN I AM GOING TO BREAK THE PHOTOSTORIES HIATUS AND START DOING STORIES AGAIN. Unfortunately at the moment I have no time for it, but I thought I should post at least these two stories and do like a “season finale”, maybe in the future I will do them again.

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
George [FL MNF Carl]
Alice [FL MNF Shushu]

 photo fs12_zpsf36e8477.jpg


 photo fs01_zps71ab89e0.jpg

 photo fs02_zpsb6061de0.jpg

George: Huh?!…An empty box???

 photo fs03_zps1253ba51.jpg

George: …what is this doing here?

 photo fs04_zps2dad9925.jpg

George: Maybe someone left it here by mistake…?

 photo fs05_zps7a97d9ae.jpg

Eliza: George, I was looking for you!

 photo fs06_zpsb5dd697c.jpg

Eliza: Oh?! What is this empty box doing here? were you expecting someone new?

George: No, I have no idea why it’s here, I thought you might know… maybe someone left it here by mistake?

 photo fs07_zps791356b9.jpg

Noname: Hey there!

George: Wha?

Eliza: Oh! Who are you?

 photo fs08_zps1ce15cf6.jpg

Alice: It’s me, Alice! C’mon Georgie , is that the way to say hi to your favorite cousin???

 photo fs09_zpsc299d90f.jpg

George: Alice…! I’m sorry this is unexpected! Of course I’m happy to see you…

 photo fs10_zpsce0ce3e4.jpg

George: But what are you doing here, like this without any warning?

 photo fs11_zps662310ee.jpg

George: Do your parents even know where you are? You know they wouldn’t approve you coming here to meet me…

Eliza: My..My…

 photo fs12_zpsf36e8477.jpg

Alice: Don’t be a pain and give me a hug!!! I missed you!!! You hardly visit anymore.

George: Oh..! Ok,ok I just hope you are in no trouble…

 photo fs13_zps0f1dbc00.jpg

Alice: And this must be the famous Eliza! I heard so much about her, and I have to say she is really pretty. Way to go, cousin!

 photo fs14_zps20ae1505.jpg

Alice: Hmmm…

George: Could you stop talking as if she was not in the room and at least present yourself? You are embarrassing me…

 photo fs16_zps42c7caef.jpg

Alice: Oh I’m sorry dear, my bad! My name is Alice and I’m George’s favorite cousin in the world!!! Your lucky to be with him, you know?

Eliza: Oh ok…Nice to meet you, I’m Eliza…

 photo fs15_zps426a4c99.jpg

Alice: Too bad you chose her though! I always hoped you would end up with Lottie and we would be a happy family like old times!

Eliza: ….

George:  Huh? Alice! What are you doing?

 photo fs17_zps931c5c1e.jpg

George: Enough about Eliza! I don’t know what you are planning to do but please promise me you coming here is not one of your crazy ideas…

 photo fs18_zpscb5176d5.jpg

Alice: Oh stop! You worry to much, I just wanted to visit my dear cousin. I promise I’ll behave if you let me stay!
George: I guess I know you too well…of course you can stay, but I’ll have to let the family know where you are…

4 thoughts on “Photostory: Family Ties

    • Hello! Nice to see you too! I have been back (active) in the dolly community for a while now but the stories are still on hiatus though…I currently don’t have time for them! Anyways I had these old ones I decided to post and I am glad you enjoyed them 🙂 I miss making them though…maybe I will have some time to make more soon…who knows…

  1. I know what you mean about photostories being time consuming. I used to them too and also when I was playing Sims 2, I used to write a lot of photostories and they take forever. In the end I had to just take a hiatus from doing them.

    I think Alice might be a bit of trouble for Eliza. She does sound like she prefers her cousin to be with Lottie. Not very subtle is she?

    • Photostories are a lot of fun but you have so many steps, I used to spend hours making them and I don’t have that kind of time anymore. Between writing, planning, photographing, selecting, editing, posting and writing again you take a lifetime….Too bad, because I loved them so much, they helped me connect with the characters and enjoy my dolls so much. But I guess I’ll have to try to just keep imagining them for now, taking normal doll pics and hoping someday I can do them again :S

      I am glad you enjoyed the story 🙂 As for Alice subtle is certainly not the word! hehe She is a bit of trouble because she is used to saying what she thinks and never hearing a “no”. And she loves to give her opinion about other people’s business! But I guess in the end she doesn’t mind Eliza, as long as George and Charlotte are ok. I guess that’s mainly why she showed up, to make sure they are ok. I am hoping to have some time to write about her backstory soon 😉

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