Couldn’t resist: New doll on the way ^^;

I know I said I would buy a head for face-up practice and it would be a DIM Larina, but usually plans don’t work as expected, I am quite impulsive about getting dolls and that’s what happened! Face-up practice will have to wait because I got a new Bimong/D-Storic Narae 416!!! She was available at DoA, brand new (this person that bought 2 Naraes and decided to keep just one) and I couldn’t resist! I have been dying to have a “darker” skin doll (she is Korean Real Skin, a beautiful light brown) and Naraes are beautiful sculpts/dolls but that I always thought out of my reach (maybe because of all the complications in buying them…), so she was perfect!!! And my boyfriend was sweet enough to indulge me…even if there was the usual question: “But you have so many dolls already, why buy another one?” Hehe, yeah…dolls are never to many, I guess! But I promised him that after Ldoll I will calm down a little with doll expenses, let’s see!

Narae 416 is not a very popular sculpt but I love her serene and realistic face and I think she will work well for what I want to do with her, I am already planning her character, but I will wait for her to get here and get a face-up to decide for sure. 😉

I am currently looking for European Artists for her face-up, I have some people in mind but nothing sure yet. Maybe you have a suggestion? (I prefer within Europe because I always get so nervous sending my dolls away, especially if there is customs in the middle) :S

Here are some pictures made by the previous owner (find her here on DeviantArt: Satu) , to show off my new girl:

 photo myynti2_zps8e8e11d3.jpg

 photo myynti3_zps39740111.jpg

 photo myynti7_zps78f270f8.jpg

 photo myynti1_zpsaf1107ce.jpg

[images by Satu]

6 thoughts on “Couldn’t resist: New doll on the way ^^;

  1. Huge congrats are in order on the new girl! Your boyfriend sounds like my husband whenever I buy a new doll. He says the same thing to me!

    She is lovely and I adore that resin tone. I love tan dolls. I only have two right now but I am keeping an eye out for a tan girl one day.

    I like Narae sculpts. Am still kicking myself for not getting them when they were available at D-Storic.

    It depends what sort of face up style you’re going for? The only EU artist I can think of right off the bat is Shaiel. She’s in Poland I think. I have never sent a doll to her though so couldn’t say what she is like although my Juri 10 had a face up done by her by the previous owner.

    Oh I was thinking the other day that I’ve been following your doll adventures since you had the Qing sculpt. That was the one you replaced with Rheia from memory. I remember seeing your Qing on the MP and seriously wanting to buy her but at the time I was a bit strapped for cash! Your Qing was what got me looking at the AOD MSDs. I hadn’t paid much attention to them until then!

    Anyway back on topic, I can’t wait to see what you do with your Narae. Do you have a character for her yet? I do a lot of impulse buys myself. My Limwha Mono boy was one such purchase! But to be fair, he was on the wishlist, the secret one i don’t ever talk about in case I jinx myself and can never get the doll.

    • Thank you, I am really excited!!! Haha! I guess is the typical answer from a person who wants to see you happy but at the same time wonders “why so many expensive dolls?” 😉

      I just recently discovered tan dolls and I have to say I am becoming a bit obsessed with having one, that’s why she came in the right moment. And I seem to be more attracted to light/sun-kissed tan skins so this one is perfect! I love you tan dolls, I saw your new Limhwa Mono and I wanted to reply but I still haven’t had a lot of time: he is awesome! I have been looking at Limhwa Tan Dolls for a while now…maybe they too are in my “secret wishlist as you said 😛 As was a Narae… and I got her! heheh

      Thank you for the advice on Shaiel: I looked her up and I had seen some dolls by her already. I guess I will try to contact her, because I love her work.

      I love to read your comments on how my dolls inspired you ❤
      It's sweet that you have been following me that long!!! My Qing was my first love, and she was an awesome doll, but in the end my collection took a different way and Minifee dolls were much better posers. It's funny to think that you wanted to buy her hehe, maybe if you had I would follow her adventures on your blog now 🙂

    • Thank you! I have been looking at Naraes for a while and wishing for one. Finally got her!
      Don’t worry dear! I already contacted an Italian Artist I love and have some back-ups in case she can’t 🙂 Thanks anyway!

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