LDoll 4: I’m going <3

I’m back from vacation and have a lot to do for my thesis, so it will take a while to catch up with everything (especially BJD).

LDoll 4: I'm going <3

[image from LDoll]

I just wanted to drop by and let everybody know that I am officially attending LDoll 4 in October! I am so excited, I already booked the trip and the tickets for both days  😉

Anyone else coming this year???

2 thoughts on “LDoll 4: I’m going <3

  1. Hey Sofia! Glad to hear you got back safely from your vacation. Hope you had a fantastic time away! And good luck with your thesis, sounds like it’s going to be intense.

    You are so lucky. There is nothing like this near Australia, at least, not that I know of. Ldoll looks like it will be a lot of fun. Would love to hear all about it and what you thought of it after you go. One day, I’d definitely love to go to one of these doll conventions.

    • Hello! Hope you had a wonderful summer until now ❀
      Summer vacation was great!!! I really missed home and my family and it worked wonders to see them, I really needed it! Now I feel ready for work, I have to have a lot ready until the middle of September and then I will take another break to go home to Portugal and then Lyon. It will be tiring but I am quite happy about everything 🙂
      I am really excited about Ldoll, I went last year, and it was my first time ever in a doll convention. I was totally overwhelmed and I LOVED it! I promised myself that if it was possible for me to go this year I would and luckily I can take a small break that weekend, because I will be free 😉 I can't wait to go and obviously I will post everything about it when I am back! If you get the chance I would totally advise you to go to a doll convention sometime: it is totally worth it!

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