Leaving for summer!

I am really happy that I am finally leaving and going back to Lisbon this Sunday!!! I haven’t been in Portugal since Christmas and I don’t see my family for 8 months!!! It’s the longest I have been away from them in my entire life and I hope it won’t happen ever again…this year was a busy year, being the last one of my Master and I needed to organise a lot of stuff and I ended up not having a lot of vacation.

I have been very active in the BJD community this last weeks because I have been in more free but in September work starts again. However, I hope I manage to keep up with dolls and I want to try and post at least once a week. Let’s see how this plan goes 😉

To say goodbye to everyone I decided to take yet another family picture, this time with the WHOLE family (even the size misfits) because at least for now it is complete 😀

Family Album

I love all of them and I am happy with my new arrival Penelope ❤ I am quite happy with the group right now too, I might add a new MSD soon but let's see how things go, at the moment these are my babies (from left to right):

Penelope Nymphéa [Xagadoll Lara]
Serena Alma [IH nYID Bianca Human]
Alice Bradford [FL MNF Shushu]
Gwendolyn Faelen [FL PKF Luna]
Charlotte Fay [FL MNF Ryeon]
Isabelle Fay [FL LTF Rachel]
Beatrice Fay [FL LTF Ante Human]
Vanilla Moonlily [FL Puki Flora]
Eliza D'Aurey [FL MNF Rheia]
George Bradford [FL MNF Carl]
Iris Cupid [FL PKF Bonnie]
Evelyn Sprout [FL PKF Ante]

Have a great summer and a wonderful vacation!!! See you in the end of August 🙂

4 thoughts on “Leaving for summer!

  1. It is lovely to see your whole crew together like this. Penelope looks like a tiny wee thing in this group but that’s what makes her so adorable.

    Only post when you can. I fail at doing the once a week thing myself. I seem to only post when I have something to write about.

    Have a great time being back with your family and a safe trip.

    • Thank you dear! I love this photo a lot 🙂 I ended up bringing no doll with me this summer vacation and I would look at it whenever I missed my darlings ❤
      I will try to follow your advice and not beat myself too much about the "once a week" thing but I really would like to at least try… we will see!

  2. They’re a beautiful group! I love seeing family photos 🙂

    Have a safe trip… it’s good to get in a little relaxing before hectic schedules start.

    And yes… post when you can, we’ll still be here 🙂
    I always feel that posting should be done for the enjoyment of the person doing the posting… not because they owe something to us, the reader 🙂

    • Thank you!!! I also love family photos: making them and looking at them. It’s always nice to see a lot of dolls together and to have an overall view of someone’s collection.
      I really needed a break this year, I didn’t have a real vacation since Christmas! I feel rejuvenated!!!
      Like I said above I will try not beat myself too much about the “once a week” thing but I really would like to at least try… however it is great to know people will still be around anyway!!! 😉

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