The new girl!

My Xaga Doll Lara is finally back from the spa! She looks amazing with her new face-up by Shory from MakeupService ❤ It’s amazing what she did in such a tiny face!!! I have to say I adore her new looks, she looks so much better than before and her face-up has so much detail for the size!

The new girl

I am still getting to know her but my boyfriend suggested I name her Penelope, Penny for short, and I like it! Probably she will keep it 🙂
She urgently needs clothes, shoes and I am also planning a new wig and eye combo! But she will have to wait until after the summer, since I am leaving this weekend.

 The new girl

The new girl

The new girl

4 thoughts on “The new girl!

  1. Ack, it’s a shame I gave all of my clothing in that size away when I sold my PD Mini girl. They would have been very similar in sizing.

    She looks fantastic. And that was so fast! I love her name. It suits her.

    Hoping you have a safe holiday.

    • I know, I used to have a JerryBerry and when I sold her I gave away all the clothing, now I completely regret it since they wear about the same size.
      Thank you! She really is fantastic and Shory was so sweet that finished her so fast, since I asked as a special request, and there was all the sad story…she is really great and an amazing artist!!! Highly recommended 🙂
      I will still make a post before leaving, as I have a family photo planned (now with her and Serena in it) but thank you anyway, hope you have a great summer too 😀

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