Wishlist Update: In love with DIM dolls!

Lately I have been investigating how to do face-ups and I would love to try sometime. I always loved this kind of artistic work and although I tried to do a face up once, I lacked the tools so it was a really frustrating experience. So this time I decided I would get the right face-up tools and give it another chance! However to start this “mission” I would need a blank doll face, that I could use; and so I started researching for heads. The point is, I want a girl that I can experiment on but that I like, and in case I give up, I can always send her to a proper face-up artist and buy a body and keep her. I don’t like the idea of buying a head just for practice, I feel that I have to put some love into the job, at least to start. And this is how I came across DIM…
I started looking for cheaper heads and I crossed out Fairyland, because at the moment I don’t need a new Fairyland doll, I am looking for new aesthetics. I ended up finding the DIM heads, that are not the cheapest, but they are quite practical as you can buy them separately from the company (there was nothing that really appealed to me in the second hand market); and they are GORGEOUS! I had seen them before and liked them, but honestly never payed much attention.

So from a search for a head, it became something completely different: a search for my next doll!!! Now I want a DIM Happy Larina badly, I love her looks so much, her sad face, her expression, her beautiful lips! I looked a bit around and I love how “vintage” they look. I would love to create my hippy/mori/vintage girl out of her. I have been considering getting her with a DIM glamorous body or maybe even creating a hybrid with a Doll Chateau body (I saw some over at Flickr and they look awesome). Now I just need the munies $$$ O.o hehe, but I am certainly getting at least her head soon and experimenting with the face-up and then if I am desperate I am sending her to someone else like I planned 🙂 Hopefully in September I will be able to get her!

 photo larina_dim1_zps83860bcd.jpg
[images from Doll in Mind]

I also added to other dolls to my Wishlist as wishlists keep growing and growing…:

Doll in Mind Honey Alana

Lately I am obsessed with Mature 1/6 dolls and I came across this beauty: Alana. She is gorgeous, but I ended up buying Lara because of her body that I like more. However I am still considering this girl, I have to see how I get used to the size and then decide 🙂

 photo dim-alana1_zpsd176b9bd.jpg
[images from Doll in Mind]

Momocolor Olga

I always loved Momocolor sculpts but lately I have been drooling over Olga and their tan skin! I would love to own a tan skin girl and I love their body and sculpts! However I am not sure of getting her because I read they are actually frustrating to pose and I am afraid she won’t be the girl for me… I love her though…
 photo olga_tan_1_zps438474ad.jpg
[images from Momocolor]

But these two are impossible for now so I will focus on my next acquisition first!

4 thoughts on “Wishlist Update: In love with DIM dolls!

  1. I love that we seem to have a lot of the same sort of tastes in dolls. I think Doll in Mind are so underrated as a company. I find their sculpts so interesting and continue to go back to look at them myself. Since my hubby has agreed to buy me a doll for Christmas/Birthday combined (this way he doesn’t actually have to battle the crowds at the shopping centers too!), I’ve been looking around myself.

    My wishlist always changes I find rather than grows longer. I guess I have so many dolls now that I am quietly content but I won’t say no if hubby wants to buy me one as a gift.

    I too have been looking for a mature 1/6 bjd. I used to have a Planetdoll Renee but although I adored the body and the posing on those bodies, the faces just didn’t do it for me. Momocolour dolls have such beautiful looking bodies and sculpts. My reason for hesitating with those are the same as yours. The body posing seems like a bit of a nightmare.

    I am excited to see who you go with and will follow your face up journey. I tried face ups when I first got into the hobby but have to admit, I am too critical of my own work so I send them to someone else these days to do it.

    And a DIM head on a Doll Chateau body, that would look nice. I’ve seen a few around and they are stunning dolls.

    • Hehe I totally agree!!! DIM dolls are exquisite and so out of the ordinary 🙂 And for something even more exotic the Doll Chateau hybrids do the trick, but I still have to decide if they are the best for my character. You are lucky your hubby wants to buy you a doll! My boyfriend probably would never do it even if he is quite open and interested in my doll hobby. He probably thinks they are way too expensive and that I already have enough of them, so I have to save the money myself. But you are right, it is actually a smart choice to avoid Christmas confusion 😀

      I am quiet content about my dolls too, however lately I have been exploring a bit outside my favorite company, that still is Fairyland. And I ended up some new additions to it. Now I try to give more thought to buying a doll rather just going for it like before since I have a big collection already.

      As for mature tinies I found out there were some good choices out there, I started looking at Planetdoll too and I was close to buying one but it never “clicked” so I gave up!

      I am really excited about face-ups too! I am going on vacation in August and then I will start organising for it 🙂 I am quite critical of my own work too but I decided, why not? At max it will go bad and I will keep sending my dolls to other people for face-ups! lol 😀 I will keep everyone posted here ❀

    • Thank you dear!!! I am excited 🙂
      As for Olive, she is so sweet!!! And you are right, she has a “vintage” feel to her too. I think all Bluefairy dolls kind of have it, maybe it’s the clothes or the innocent expressions, I don’t know ❀

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