Izzy stays or Izzy goes…?

I have been having a hard time deciding what to do with my Littlefee Rachel, Isabelle. Lately I wasn’t feeling the connection anymore, when I played with Littlefee it is always with Beatrice, my Ante.
I decided to put her as a feeler for sale but still to order some new wig and eyes to see if what she needed was a makeover, and if I could fall in love with her again or if I would definitely let her go. Today they finally came home and I had the opportunity to try them on.

Izzy stays or Izzy goes...?

I must say the eyes improved quite a lot! The light gray makes her face much sweeter, since she already has very heavy eye make up and brows, but light lips. As for the wig, although I like it more than before and she looks actually quite cute, I think mohair is not what I am looking for as a style. The colour however is perfect, I am going to be looking for dark brown wigs (again…), and the fact that it has no bangs makes her face look better, so no bangs 🙂

Izzy stays or Izzy goes...?

Izzy stays or Izzy goes...?

I decided to give her another chance. First because she has been in the family for such a long time; second because I want to keep her character and I would have to look for re-shell options; third because Bee wants and always wanted a sister (no Littlefee should be alone ;D ); and forth because she has a space in my heart and I feel we are getting closer to a final look for her ❀ (hopefully). So: for now Izzy stays!!!

Izzy stays or Izzy goes...?

4 thoughts on “Izzy stays or Izzy goes…?

  1. It’s always hard when this happens to a doll/character. I have this all the time with a few of mine. I do think wig/eye styles can do a lot to make us fall in or fall out of love with a doll.

    • Yes, Rachel has been a hard sculpt from the start, I always loved her but I have been looking for a good look for her forever! While with my Ante it always seems that everything I try on her looks great, with Rachel is a different story. And maybe I like a look on her, I say: ” this is it” but then there is still something that keeps bothering me! For the first time I think I am moving somewhere! I guess I was a bit stuck on how she “had to” look like, and now I am exploring new options. I guess I am getting somewhere!!!
      Anyways: I totally agree: a new wig and a new pair of eyes work miracles! They change a doll completely!!! Sometimes you never noticed a sculpt until you see it with a certain look and you just fall in love 🙂
      Thanks for the sweet comment btw ❀

  2. Haha, no no, if you’re going to sell a doll, you must never change eyes and wig! It’s too dangerous because then it’s like getting a new doll, lol! Everything has changed, this must be appreciated… I can’t get rid of her now!

    Seriously though… I always put a doll away in its box for a month or two, and if I don’t care that it’s not around, I sell it… there are just too many other amazing dolly items out there to hold onto ones I’m only so-so about.

    She is a cutie though, so I can see why it’s a tough choice… and there’s no harm in her hanging around a bit longer XD

    • Ooops, maybe I knew that but I wanted an excuse not to sell her? The truth is I have a really hard time selling my dolls…it becomes kind of a weird process. But on the other hand you are right, if I don’t feel right about a doll maybe I shouldn’t insist. I am only kind of afraid this is a phase! Like I said lately I am re-thinking dolls a lot and looking for something different that I don’t know exactly what it is…I decided to keep her for now, see how summer goes and then if the problem continues I will try to sell her when I come back from vacation 🙂 Thanks for your advice btw!

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