Lara’s sad story…

I got my Xagadoll Lara last Thursday, and I finally was able to post about her!

She is really pretty and so delicately small, I am not sure about her size though, I always thought it was really a perfect doll-size for me but for now it is weird to see a mature BJD so small, when I am used to Minifee. Hopefully it’s just a phase :S

However her arrival was not as smooth as expected. I bought this girl second hand from Flickr and she came with some extras: wig, eyes and tiny shoes; and she was supposed to have a face-up. But when I opened her I had a surprise: her face-up was kind of sticky and her right eyes completely smudged!!! I never seen something like this, when I touched it it just came off like it had just been painted. Weird O.o!

Here is what she looked like:

 photo DSC02565_zpsadb1e483.jpg

Obviously I was got really depressed and wrote to the girl who sold her to me to see what could be done and hoping to get a refund for the face-up so I could send her of to a new one…the girl said she painted the doll herself and that she was perfect when she packed her…the truth is I didn’t ask many photos or close-ups of the face-up before buying her; I trusted the seller, so I could not confirm wether or not she is saying the truth (Lesson Nr. 1: Always ask for detailed photos of the face-up when they are not provided…). So no refund for me…she told me I could send her the doll back and she would re-do her face-up, but with the shipping costs and the timings, I preferred to send her to another artist, Shory, who lives in Italy and whose work I simply adore. And the best part is she agreed to do her in until the end of this month, check her etsy shop out: MakeupService. Can’t wait to have her back!!! I am leaving for vacation on the beginning of August and I was hoping to take her with me, for some bonding and obviously because she is so “portable” being so small 🙂

I wiped her face-up and sent her out to the spa on Friday, so hopefully she will get there next Monday. Here she is dressed and with the wig that came with her, before leaving:

Lara arrived!

8 thoughts on “Lara’s sad story…

    • Thank you for the sweet message and for the support! The only good thing about this is that now I can choose which face-up I want and really make this girl “mine”…! Can’t wait to have her back!

  1. That really sucks about the faceup… the seller absolutely should have refunded you something… because obviously they didn’t properly do the faceup in the first place 0_0 Maybe they never sealed it?? Maybe they used sketchy materials?? I dunno.

    I’m so glad you’ve got someone to send her to though!

    • I know…thank you for the kind message and support. I guess it could be that she never sealed it and with the heat it just came of or the materials were the wrong ones, i don’t know…! It was really weird though. And that was one more reason not to send her back to the girl, I risked getting her back in the same state!

  2. What a shame about her face. Especially since you hadn’t expected you’d have to send her away so soon after her arrival. Glad you were able to find someone to do her face though.

    I do agree that you should have been at least partially refunded as you had expected to get a doll with a face up.

    • I know! But the truth is if the girl said no there is not much I can do when i buy through flickr… however I decided to see the positive side, that she probably will have a better face-up and I will get what I really want. Thanks for the support! ❤

  3. That’s sad, but I agree with you : she is going to have a great new face-up ! Net shopping is a luck think, too ! My bad net-shopping was my 1st one 😦 But after that always found nice people…
    Hope to see new photos of her soon 😀

    • I know, sometimes net-shopping doesn’t go very well. I have been lucky buying dolls until now, all transactions went smoothly but sometime it could go wrong. Anyways it wasn’t that bad 🙂
      Can’t wait to spam her! She should be home tomorrow! yeye ❤

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