Monster High Custom Draculaura

Today I got someone new in the mail!!!

Look who arrived today!

I wanted a MH custom doll for a while and I had my eye on this one from MakeupService by Shory on Etsy, and I finally got her!!!

I have to say she is amazing: I love her face-up and wig and she has also a beautiful body blushing.

As for MH dolls, she is a very good poser, I am surprised, although with her high-heeled feet it becaomes impossible to make her stand without any shoes or a stand… I love her tiny hands and tiny fingers but they sure look fragile O.o

All in all, I am quite happy I got her. I wanted something a bit different from the usual BJD and she is beautiful ❤ Her soft colors make her look like some kind of  fairy or spirit! I am still not sure about her name, though. I am thinking maybe Rose, but any suggestions are welcome! 🙂

More pics:

She is finally dressed and wearing Pukifee clothes…I was happy they fit and look so well, the girls were not too happy to share though .. 😀

Pastel and Pink

Pastel and Pink

Pastel and Pink

2 thoughts on “Monster High Custom Draculaura

    • Thank you! I totally agree, it’s amazing how much a good face make-up changes a doll! And I have to say they are actually good quality dolls for their price, their bodies are posable and very well done 🙂

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