New chances and new dolls :)

I have been having a hard time finding inspirations in general and that reflected on my dolly hobby… I was kinda distracted from dolls for a couple of weeks but lately they have given me some good feeling again.

I had a Littlefee drama while having this small dolly crisis…it seemed to me that I never choose them to play, I almost “force” myself to take them out because I don’t photograph them for a long time…which is weird!
So I decided to change it and have a look at my girls with different eyes: they certainly need a closet renewal, they are my oldest dolls and so they have a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit my style anymore, and they don’t have many clothes they actually wear (hence the closet cleanout ;))… so that’s decided!

But still something was not working, I ADORE Beatrice (my Ante) she is my oldest doll and a grail doll, she is amazing and adorable and I could never let her go!  But Isabelle (Rachel), I have had my doubts and lately I am just not feeling the connection. I bought her a bunch of wigs but none seem to work for long. I tried her wig on Bee and it is adorable so maybe all they need is a complete makeover! A character remake (maybe I am stuck in what their characters should look like…)


I put Rachel as a feeler for adoption. I am considering getting a new sculpt for her (maybe Chloe or Leah) or maybe selling her completely (do I need 2 Littlefee, when they are probably not my favorite size?). But I also bought some new eyes and wig for her to give her a last chance. I decided I will see how I feel about her new looks and then see if I let her go or she if she stays. The new stuff should get here in the next weeks! In the meanwhile Bee is keeping her new looks 😉

In other news:

A new girl is on her way!!!


Picture by Xaga Doll

It has been a while since I wanted a 27cm mature tiny and I came across this girl selling her Xaga Doll Lara so I couldn’t resist! She is coming home and should be here in the next weeks, can’t wait!!! She is amazing <3<3

Anyone knows any good quality clothing shops/etsy shops that make clothes for Momoko/Blythe or this type of girl? I need to get her some stuff 🙂

2 thoughts on “New chances and new dolls :)

  1. I think the lack of inspiration with dolls seems to be going around. I’ve been out of it myself for a bit over a month now and I know a few others have been saying the same thing. Maybe it is something in the air?

    I know how you feel about getting stuck with what your character looks like. I seem to always be changing the look and styles of my own dolls because of this issue. I can definitely say that a makeover always works wonders for the dolls you may feel a bit so-so about.

    Congrats on the new girl. If she’s the slimmer type of body, you might be able to try: Clear Lan (the momoko size. I used to have a 27cm slim Planetdoll Renee and I had read a few people with that size bought from there but I don’t know for a fact because I never got a chance to buy from there before I sold my Planetdoll girl off.)

    There’s also Atelier Momoni: They sell some clothing for YoSD/Saintbloom/LTF sizes. Saintbloom I think are quite slim.

    And maybe type in a search on Etsy for Yo-SD. The problem with that size I’ve found is that some YoSD dolls are chubbier than others so if you have one that is slim, clothing can be a bit hit and miss. Also if your new girl is as slim as the Resinsoul 27cm dolls, maybe you can do a search for clothing that fit that size as they might fit your girl as well?

    • Yeah I noticed the lack of inspiration going around…hopefully it will go away soon!!! Hopefully the makeover will work with my Rachel, because I am not very inclined to selling my dolls, especially after having them for so long, their characters are so dear to me. But if you feel it has no sense to keep a doll it just becomes frustrating to have her… I hope it will change!!! Can’t wait for the new wig and eyes to arrive so I can have a decision!

      Thanks so much for your advice on clothes! I will certainly have a look 🙂 For now I found a seamstress that will work on a dress for her really quickly, because I wanted her to be dressed before I go on vacation in the beginning of August and then with more time when I come back I will work more on her wardrobe 😀

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