Vanilla gets some love <3

Pretty in pink <3

Vanilla is one of my oldest dolls and probably the one who gets less attention and spoiling in the family. Like I posted a while ago in my blog we always had a love-hate relationship even if I never managed to sell her (pukis are a hard size for me: hard to dress, to find eyes-wigs, hardo to pose and photograph), but a while ago I finally managed to make her look like I wanted all along with a new wig and a pair of eyes and I promised I would get her some nice clothes as soon as there was a chance.
So here she is, being spoiled!!! This is a really sweet “fairylike” set from Fairyland I got for her and I LOVE it!!! It’s totally her! She looks positively adorable in it! ❤
And since she needed some spoiling (and clothes) urgently, we are currently waiting for 3 beautiful new dresses by Carla Benham! I will post pics soon (hopefully!)

As for other news…
For those who follow my photos: I decided that for now I am keeping BOTH, Flickr and Ipernity. I saw that most of my contacts over on Flickr are staying so I will be keeping it and I am getting used to most changes (even if they are really annoying sometimes) and also waiting to see if they improve at least some of the mistakes they made. But well, for me right now what really matters is the community so I am staying. However I am also keeping the Ipernity account (I am trying out the Club for 3 months to see if I like it) and I will try to upload pics on both of them.

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