Keeping my options open: Ipernity

After the latest flickr drama, that you might have heard about (if not you can check my reaction here in the previous post), I decided to take a break from Flickr while I decide if I’m keeping it or not.

I am still keeping Flickr for now, I have too many photos there, too many contacts and it’s just hard and a lot of work to move. Moreover I am waiting to see how things go, what they do and what my flickr friends decide to do… if everyone starts going it makes no sense to keep my account…


I am also keeping my options open: like I said before I created an account at ipernity, it looks ok, but I am still exploring to see if I like it. For now it is quite easy to use and nice looking (surprisingly similar to old Flickr 0.0, but well…in this case that’s good). I personalised a bit and I uploaded the latest pics from Flickr as place-holders while waiting for their promised plug-in to upload them directly from there (which makes things much easier).

I was quite happy to see many familiar faces too, I guess most people were unhappy with the latest developments and decided to give it a try. Please feel free to add me there if you have an account 😀


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