My first reaction was curiosity, like: “new could be good, let me see what is new”, but when I saw the homepage I was like: “WHA?? What has happened, what is this mess???? “

There is total confusion, nothing is orderly anymore and there is no space between pics. They are HUGE! You cannot get an overall look.

Good design is about user friendliness and white space for breathing. I think the new layout suffer from a huge bad quality overdesign: when you want to do something really cool and you end up exaggerating and ruining it completely. It is also very user aggressive! …it is just CONFUSING! For me it is BAD DESIGN AND TERRIBLE USER INTERFACE.

But I think mistakes can happen, nobody is perfect. What really bothers me is the lack of communication with the users: NO TESTING PERIOD, NO INFORMATION, NO USER FEEDBACK, NOTHING!!! I just bought my renewed pro account and I wasn’t informed of the new changes…I feel like I was played with. It is totally disappointing.

And the worst is, Flickr has always been my community of choice, and I visited it daily ever since I joined. Now I am seeing all the HATE and people leaving or considering it and I guess Flickr is lost for me too if nothing changes. I am still hoping (in the name of old times) Flickr Staff, will reconsider and adapt the layout to please again. I don’t say going back completely is mandatory but at least try to improve it gradually with testing and member participation, correcting the mistakes that were made. Or at least give the users some options, like choose between this one and the old view.

However if nothing happens I don’t think I will be there for much longer… which makes me really sad.

Maybe anyone knows a good alternative? I made an account at ipernity for now, some people were advising it at the Flickr complaints board. Does anyone know it?

2 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED TO FLICKR????

  1. Like you, I was a regular daily user of Flickr. For many years so. It was far and awaymy favorite site. Now, for me, it’s not just bad, it’s literally unuseable. I’m hoping they go back to how it was just a week ago, but I don’t hold out much hope.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I was unaware of Ipernity, but soon I intend to be very familar with it. Thanks!

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