“The Makeovers”

Ok, after a long and tiring 2 weeks working without weekends (preparing an event for the Design week in Milan) I finally have a breathing moment again to make a post πŸ™‚ It seems as if when I say things will change and I will have more time for dolls, something comes up and I don’t even have time to look at them for a month!!!

This post is about the changes of look that have been going on in my family. I always try to find the perfect look for my characters from face-up to wig and eye combo, some are quite easy and immediately fall into place, however some are harder and go through various changes until I finally say “This is it!”.

Some time ago I decided not to buy more dolls for a while and safe some money to spoil the ones I have (which is not easy since I have quite a big family now, and they all need new stuff :S). My priority was the looks: hair and eyes so I decided to search for the perfect wigs and I am quite happy with the result πŸ™‚

Here is what changed while I was away:

"The Makeovers"

George has been a nightmare from the beginning, it’s quite hard to find nice MSD boy wigs that are not long, fur or a bit girlish… He got his new wig that I liked for a while from LUTS, but I never got around buying and I am quite happy with the result. Still a bit longer than I had in mind but ok.
Izzy has gone through some changes of her own and there was something not quite right with the cut of her previous wig so I decided to try a new one, from Leeke and I finally think this is it πŸ™‚
As for Iris: she looks perfect in her new LUTS wig!!! It’s not like I didn’t like the fur look but I wanted something more her and I found it!!! I am in love with this sweetie again ❀

"The Makeovers"

"The Makeovers"

"The Makeovers"

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