Back in action!!!

Here I am!!! I have been away for a really long time…I missed Flickr and dolls so much 😦

Let’s say there were a lot of changes in my life since the beginning of this year: most of them very good and one of them really sad but I have been totally busy! Since I moved in with my boyfriend and we are putting the house together and I started my 3 month internship at the same time, I didn’t have time for anything else, literally…now, hopefully, things will change a bit. And as I had let you know before, it’s official: the whole family move to Italy!!! And since a long time went by there were even some make-overs in the process 😉 I will show you more details soon!!!!

For now I leave you with the complete family, I am so proud of them!

La Famiglia <3 [back in action]

Here is Serena my muse, beautiful as ever (as she doesn’t fit with the rest of the family) hehe

Serena <3 [back in action!]

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