Holidays and good news…!

Hello everyone!

I have been totally busy with university lately and life in general…I know I have disappeared again…It+s hard for me to keep up with dolly stuff especially this semester, but hopefully things are changing, a bit 🙂
Other than going home in Portugal for the holidays and finally having a breathing moment I have some wonderful news!!!

Me and my boyfriend are going to be moving in together in the beginning of February and I am officially going to be moving to Milan, AND SO ARE MY DOLLS! They will travel with me when I come back from Christmas 😀 Hopefully, I will manage to bring them all at once, even if I might have to ship some stuff. I am so happy, it is the best Christmas present one could have!

Holidays and good news...!

I am hoping that from February I can have more conditions and time to be more active around the doll communities and to play with them. I still have 2 stories waiting from summer, that might change since the story probably is changing too, but I still have to decide. Anyways I will try to do a more christmassy pic of my dolls when I get to Lisbon ❤

2 thoughts on “Holidays and good news…!

  1. Hello! I’m Musume, I will like to swap buttons with you, putting yours in my dolly related blog. Hope you like the idea too!

    Happy holidays! (Link is in the name).-

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