New arrival!!! Iplehouse nYID Bianca!

My Iplehouse nYID Bianca is finally home! She was one of the dolls I was ever most anxious about and one of the dolls I had to wait longer for…but she was worth it!!! She is my first SD 🙂

New arrival!!!

My first reaction was: “SHE IS HUGE!” Yes, she is, but also amazingly beautiful!
I am still getting used to posing her, she is so different from my Minifee… she is much more realistic and obviously the posing is harder! However she can stand on her own and sit pretty well. Her arms also hold poses nicely, I am only getting a bit crazy about her weight and her knees!!! They are hard to get in place! And her socks tend to get on the way :S

She has a beautiful skin tone (she is Peach Gold), but I expected it to be darker, since that’s the impression you get from Iplehouse’s photos. Getting her wig on was an adventure, over on DoA people told me she has a smaller head than most SD and most SD wigs are huge one her, so I had bought her a 7-8 Monique wig but it is actually really tight…I might buy her a bigger one with a similar color and style.
Her clothes were really a guessing game, as you might know it IS a nightmare to fit these amazing girls, but I with some tips and luck I got her some clothes that fit. The shoes were also a surprise! At the moment she needs more clothing but at least for a while she won’t be naked! I was really happy I got lucky and most stuff fits 😀

I named her Serena and I am still getting to know her and developing her character, though. And I am in love, again ❤

New arrival!!!

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