LDoll Reportage <3

Finally I have the time to do this!!!!

Back from LDoll

I came back from LDoll a week ago but I started classes immediately, with an intense week long workshop and I didn’t have time even to look at the photos or at the stuff I bought until now. However I am so glad I got the chance to go, even just for a day. I had the most amazing time and I now wish to have the change to go back next year!!! It was such a wonderful experience!!!

Since it was my first time attending this kind of Festival, I really didn’t know what to expect and I was so overwhelmed when I got there! First thing that really surprised me was the number of people: there was a huge line, everybody waiting to go in, whole families with their dolls, couples, old people with their dolls!!! There was a spirit that until now I didn’t know, since in Portugal it still is a really small hobby for few people.

After going in I was so excited I even forgot to pee or eat!!! I kept going around the stands looking at all the beautiful stuff and things for sale! I wish I had the money to buy most of it

In the afternoon I met some italian girls from the Italian forum and it was so much fun, they are great!!! People in general were so nice, all eager to let you see their dolls and talk and meet! And there were so many beautiful dolls walking around with their owners πŸ˜€ I saw some molds I had seen only in pics and are simply gorgeous and some HUGE dolls! I even saw some dolls from people I follow on Flickr!!! It’s weird to recognize people by their dolls πŸ˜‰

I arrived back to the Hotel exhausted but really happy!!! I met wonderful people and I really experienced the BJD hobby like I never had before!!! I only wish I had had more money to spend on goodies…! And obviously I am hoping to go back new year!!!

Please check my Flickr for some pics of the event. I didn’t take a lot because I was so distracted by everything around me I totally forgot to take out my camera!!! hehe

Here are my girls showing off the stuff we bought! Alice is also modelling a wig I got for my new Iplehouse Bianca, and it actually looks really great on her too ❀

Back from LDoll
Back from LDoll

4 thoughts on “LDoll Reportage <3

  1. It indeed was lovely weekend and there was so much to see. But the best thing for sure was meeting all the nice people! I recognized many people by their dolls, too. πŸ™‚

    • I loved to meet you, too!!! Hehe it was so nice to finally see some doll owners I am following since I started on the hobby! I totally agree: meeting all the people was the best part!

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