I am getting a nYID Bianca!!!

Something unexpected happened!!! I was planning on getting a YID Rexy but I was never sure with which face-up, and then there was Bianca I loved but she was sold out already when I saw her…

But I saw her for sale on the MP on DoA and I couldn’t resist: I GOT HER, she is on layaway and should be coming home in November 🙂 She is gorgeous with the type C default make-up and peach gold skin, just like I wanted her!
This gives me some time to prepare (as I never owned a SD I have nothing for her), but can’t wait!!! I wish she would come home now!!!

I am getting a nYID Bianca!!! <3

Picture by Iplehouse

She will be totally different from my current dolls, and that was also what I wanted! I love my current family but I wanted to try something new: in size and in style. She obviously won’t be part of my stories, she will be my muse in other ways. I just hope there will be no problem bonding because of this, since it is always part of my bonding process finding dolls a place in my current family… however this time I have many plans for her and totally different from my usual plans, and I am soooo excited!!!

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