Family Photo

Tomorrow I am leaving Lisbon and going back to Milan. I already made the Alice photostories that I hope to post before classes start (soon) 🙂

Before I leave I am posting a photo of the whole family (finally everyone is together!).

Family Photo

From left to right:

Back row:
Eliza D’Aurey [Fairyland Minifee Rheia]
George Bradford [Fairyland Minifee Carl]
Alice Bradford [Fairyland Minifee Shushu]
Charlotte Fay [Fairyland Minifee Ryeon]

Middle row:
Vanilla Moonlily [Fairyland Puki Puki Flora]
Iris Cupid [Fairyland Pukifee Bonnie]
Gwendolyn Faelen [Fairyland Pukifee Luna]
Beatrice Fay [Fairyland Littlefee Ante]
Isabelle Fay [Fairyland Littlefee Rachel]

Front row:
Evelyn Sprout [Fairyland Pukifee Ante]

This time I will be bringing only 2 dolls, one Minifee and one Pukifee, I am still not sure who.
I will miss them so much… now I won’t be coming back till Christmas… 😦

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