Meet Alice and Gwen <3


Guess what arrived in the mail today: my new Shushu face!!! And she is gorgeous, I decided she is going to be Alice Bradford.

Meet Alice Bradford!

I am still waiting for Miyu, who is coming together with her body. The question is if I am keeping Miyu or not, I need to decide when she gets here 🙂

Alice is currently borrowing Eliza’s body (since hers is the same) but Eliza and George were not very happy about this fact… they are hopping her body gets here soon!And she is still waiting on her eyes and wig, these are just something she borrowed that was laying around.

And obviously I will post her introducing photostory as soon as she is her complete self, because I need Eliza to be in it too…hehe

My Pukifee Luna is also home and her name is Gwendolyn Faelan, but it is such a long name for someone so tiny that she goes by Gwen ❤

Luna is home <3

She is ADORABLE! Her sweet little sad face just gets me! And the face-up: OMG! •✿•Uchan•✿• did such an awesome job, the photos don’t do it justice! It is really intense!

I will be posting her arrival photo story soon, I just have another photostory to post before that I did in February and is still waiting to be posted 🙂

And now my new babies together, love them so much!!! Couldn’t be happier 😀

Alice and Gwen!

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