My little Vanilla and me <3

Today Vanilla got a new wig!!!

Vanilla's new wig!

Vanilla's new wig!

And it is PERFECT! It should be, it’s from Fairyland (PW-102 White for pukipuki) and it has just the right size and style, plus awesome quality! She is keeping it 🙂

My relationship with Vanilla has been quite a love-hate relationship! Pukis are not really a size I feel comfortable with: they are too small for my taste, hard to photograph and to buy for (that’s my opinion at least, I know some people are crazy about them and I can se why). But Nilly is perfect in her way: she is the perfect size for her character, the Flora mold is more mature (I was looking for that) than the usual babyish pukis but still has the sweetness that I was looking for, and she is all pastel and soft just like I wanted! And I love her character, I couldn’t give her up! That’s why I never decided to sell her, even if I considered it for a while. In the end I decided: no more pukis for me but Vanilla is staying! (the only puki I might consider would be an ante…but antes are soooo addicting!!!)

I am really happy that she finally found a look I like, with the new eyes that fit and the new wig, I am starting to love her more and to be less frustrated about her size… I guess she just needs a little patience! I now need to look for good clothes for her (it’s hard to find clothes that are good quality and her style) she is always the same!!! Poor her! But I guess I did the right thing keeping her ❤

AND I just noticed that my little luna is already in Portugal!!!! She should be home tomorrow or in two days max!!! 😀

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