Photostory: Doubtful

Well, I am on VACATION! Back home finally!!! Which as I said means: more DOLLY TIME! 😉
Here is a story I did back in February, when I was here the last time (hence the winter clothes), this is happening right after the last one (the next day) so that you don’t get lost!. I know I promised this before but I swear I had no time to dedicate to stories when I was in Milan…and I ended up saving it for now. And there is another one already done and then I am planning more as new characters are about to arrive (read my previous blog posts if you don’t know what I’m talking about ;)). Sorry about the usual blurred pics!!! I promise I’m trying to improve those…

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]



PhotobucketVanilla: Oh my! That little demon is a handful…finally I got her to sleep a nap…Photobucket

Eliza: Uhm…Nilly, are you free?

Vanilla: Oh Eliza, I am sorry about before…


Eliza: It’s ok, don’t worry… I was hoping we could talk…


Eliza: I need some advice, and I know I can count on you…

Vanilla: Advice? Is there a problem with George?


Eliza: No… Not at all… everything is perfect…


Eliza: And that’s what’s worrying me, he wants to take the next step in the relationship. He was talking about how it’s been a long time now and we need some time alone and we should go out and spend the night together…!!!


Vanilla: Uh oh…I don’t like where this is going!


Eliza: And at first I told him yes but then I just told him it we shouldn’t.  I really like him and he really changed but… I can’t stop thinking I might get hurt…


Eliza: Especially after what happened with …ahm… my last boyfriend… I am really confused, what should I do? I really want to be with George but…


Eliza: What if he turns to be a different person and hurts me? What if he leaves me? So many things can go wrong!

Vanilla: Eliza…I am not really experienced about these…ahm…human love problems…but I am wondering: do you love George? Do you want to go out with him this weekend?


Eliza: Yes, but what if…

Vanilla: So maybe…I guess…You should give him a chance and follow your heart, trust George and let things flow naturally. Like you said he really changed and just because someone hurt you once it doesn’t mean everyone will.


Eliza: I guess you are right, as always!

Vanilla: Really? …I mean I’m glad I helped…!


Eliza: What am I doing?! I should go apologize to George and tell him I changed my mind! Thanks Nilly!

PhotobucketVanilla: Well…That was unexpected…!

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