Back home with new dolls!


I got tagged over on Flickr to take a pic with a doll and I thought it could be fun to post it here! Me and Lottie finally back in Portugal for Summer ❤

And with vacations comes MORE dolly time, and with dolly time comes… NEWS!!!

First of all here is my new Luna’s face-up:

She isn’t home yet but she’s on her way now, can’t wait!!! I’m also waiting for her new wig and she is keeping the eyes in the pic 😉

New Make-up for Pkf Luna

[Picture by •✿•Uchan•✿• on Flickr]

Second I decided to finally buy ANOTHER MINIFEE!!!

New Minifee on the way!!!

What…? Unexpected, right? After two declarations of “taking a break from buying” I buy 2 dolls…hehe! I know…

But i couldn’t resist! I saw this Minifee Miyu without face-up on DoA and then I decided to buy a Shushu face plate with the default face-up from Fairyland…now I have both on the way and I am not sure which one I’ll keep or if I will keep both BUT I know that one of them will be Alice! Finally she is coming to life 😀 For now I am leaning more towards a Shushu…but I need to take a good look at them first! Can’t wait though!!!!!!

I will write more when they get here! ❤

2 thoughts on “Back home with new dolls!

    • really? awesome! Minifee Miyu is great!!! I am really considering keeping her and Shushu sharing a body for now…hehe! I have to decide when she gets here though! Can’t wait to see yours too, hope she gets home soon 😀

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