Taking a break from “dolly buying”…or NOT!

Yeah I know I was blabbing about taking a break from dolly buying but I just run across a great opportunity to buy a Pukifee Luna with and amazing custom face-up by Sabrina from Bunny on the Moon Aesthetics and I could not resist it!!!

It doesn’t make much sense since she was not even in my wish list, I actually don’t like the default Pukifee Luna face-up AT ALL! I think it is to heavy! But I love the Luna sculpt, both Littlefee and Pukifee, and that is why I had Littlefee Luna in my wishlist (her default is so much cuter!) but I really prefer Pukifee size so I am actually happy!

I already have many plans for her, I need to buy her a wig now (she comes with gorgeous eyes, just like I wanted them!), but I will present her when she gets home. It may still take a while because I am only getting her in July when I go back to Portugal …

After this I guess I will try to go back to taking a break and only spoiling the dolls I ALREADY have with new styles (I guess Vanilla and George still need wigs…) and clothes+shoes (especially Minifee and Puki ones). Then later I can think about new dolls…if no opportunity comes knocking at my door like this time!!! hehe

But in the end I am really happy! Can’t wait to have her! ❤

2 thoughts on “Taking a break from “dolly buying”…or NOT!

    • heheh totally true!!! I totally ended up buying Luna and 3 others so not really stopped buying…but I managed to keep it slower and invest also on clothes and other stuff. But who could resist those perfect resin babies???? XD

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