BJD Quiz, just for fun!

There is this meme going around on Flickr and I thought I would post it here too, since it is kind of fun and useful to let you know more about my BJD hobby! Feel free to do it too btw and enjoy! ❀


1: From all the dolls you own,who is your favourite and why
I have to say it is pretty tight between Charlotte (MNF Ryeon in the picture) and Eliza (MNF Rheia), i really couldn’t choose! Although every single one of my BJD hold a special place in my heart and collection for some reason πŸ™‚

2:Explain how you managed to get into BJD collecting
I always loved dolls and looking at them made me happy. Another thing I always loved is history and historical fashions and that’s actually what I was looking for when I came across this seamstress that made beautiful historical dresses for SD BJD (i don’t remember who, sorry). I fell in love with the dresses and the dolls and started searching and then I came across Den of Angels…and that is how it all started, from there until my first doll was a short route πŸ˜‰

3:Name the very first doll you ever bought
The first doll I bought was a Angel of Dream Qing (to be my character Eliza) and although she was lovely she couldn’t compete with Fairyland so I sold her πŸ™‚

4:Which doll do you plan to buy next
For now I am not planning on buying anyone for a while, but I would love to buy a MNF boy and another MNF girl to be my character Alice, maybe someday…

5:How long have you been in the hobby
Since November 2009, that’s when I bought my first doll!

6:Are you currently waiting on any dolls
Nope, unfortunately no… I am currently taking a break from “dolly buying” hehe

7:How many dolls do you currently have
I currently own 8 BJD and a JerryBerry doll πŸ˜€

8:Name the very last doll you bought
The last BJD was a Fairyland Pukifee Ante named Evelyn, but the very last doll was a JerryBerry Berry, Γ‰milie

9:What is the worst thing about this hobby
It is sooooo expensive!!!

10:What is the best thing about this hobby
It is so versatile, you can do almost anything with these dolls to make them your own, they are an inspiration! I love using them to channel my creativity!!! and obviously the whole community behind this hobby, made me understand that I am not the only one who loves playing with dolls πŸ™‚

11:Which is your best dolly photo (of yours) (copy the link and past using [ ] at either end
Hmmm…let’s say dolly photos are not my speciality so I really don’t know! I usually tend to like certain shoots or specific photos because they show my dolls personality not because of the quality they have…i own a crappy camera anyways! I will share one of my favorites of Eliza though, because she is missing in the one above:

12:Which is your favourite BJD company
FAIRYLAND all the way!!! (is it obvious πŸ˜› )

13:Who are on your wish list
Well, like I said I would like a MNF girl: Chloe, Mirwen, Shushu or Miyu and a MNF boy: Luka, Seorin or WooSoo; and then maybe also a LTF Luna or Chloe, maybe a LTF boy Shiwoo and a Puki Ante; and I would love a Feeple someday…

14: Are there any dolls you wished you had never purchased
I sold those πŸ™‚

15: Who’s your favourite face up artists
Caroline from Viridian House and Xhanthi from Jointed Love (I would love to own a doll by her!)

16:What is a must when considering a purchase/pose ability/faceup/age/etc
Pose ability is decisive for me! and then obviously face-up and looks

17:Anything else you’d like to add
I wish I had more time for my dolls at the moment, I loved so much to make photostories and share them and I really miss it!

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