Finally some movement…!

I finally have time to do this, I know I promised I’d try to be more active but it was totally impossible and I probably won’t be around much until at least the end of June, because university work is simply CRAZY!!! I can’t see to find time for much else… today I had time to post because I am sick and forced to stay at home, so I thought I would profit from it to do some small things that have been waiting for a while! It’s kind of sad that to have time for my dolly’s I have to be sick at home…:(

Enough about me and something about my babies:


I have been working on Vanilla’s look because she always has been the most frustrating doll I own! I love her some much, she is a cute little thing BUT she is so hard to pose and to dress and there was something about her look and her “gappy” eyes that simply wasn’t ok!

Over on flickr people told me to try Captured in Glass on DoA, because they do custom orders and so I asked for the 8mm eyes but with a 6mm iris and they fit perfectly!!! I love the on her!

I also found a new white wig and although is a bit too big for her, I think I am starting to bond a lot more than before!!! I’ll keep looking for the perfect wig and maybe some new clothes, but for now here is Nilly’s new look:


Charlotte came back from her make over by Caroline from Viridian House a while ago and she looks AMAZING!!!! I love her each day more, the face-up is perfect and she became a new doll! She is growing so much on me lately! I have been exploring some new styles for her too, she is so versatile and that is a lot of fun!

Gorgeous Charlotte!

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