Photostory: In Need of Romance…

Here is another photostory as promised! 
I am going back to Milan this weekend but I will be posting other 3 stories I have prepared maybe not immediately but in the next weeks. However after these the HIATUS will start again until further notice…
In this story there is a blurred pic, a you probably will notice! That was me trying to do "movement" effect with my crappy camera…oh well… I hope you enjoy!!!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
George [FL MNF Carl]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]
Evelyn [FL PKF Ante]

Photostory: In Need of Romance...


George: Hey love!
Eliza: Oh George, you are home!

Eliza: How was your day?
George: It is getting better now that I'm with you…


George: So… I was thinking and I wanted to ask you something.
Eliza: Ok… go ahead…

George: Since it has been more than a month that we are together and we never really had an opportunity to…uhm… be alone, just the two of us, I was thinking we could go out someday, have a nice dinner somewhere. 
Eliza: Oh…!
George: And…since the girls have that sleepover thing this saturday and Vanilla will be visiting the fairy kingdom we could profit and hang out at home afterwards, maybe spend the night together. What do you think?

Eliza: Oh …I… Oh my, this was unexpected! What should I do?
George: Eliza, is there a problem? Did I say something I shouldn't?
Eliza: No…it's just…don't worry I am ok.

Eliza: I think the dinner is a really great idea, we should do it. And then we just… see…
George: Ok… I love you Eliza…

Eliza: I love you too…

Evelyn: *poof* Hey! What' you doin'? Can I play, too?
Eliza: Oh my!!!
George: Huh? Wha'???

Vanilla: Eliza, George I can't find Evelyn anywhere, have you seen…Oh…!

Vanilla: And I still bother asking…

Vanilla: Come one Evie just get down and leave George and Eliza in peace!

Evelyn: *poof* Here I AM!
Vanilla: What did I tell you about appearing and disappearing like this…? I was worried! Please tell George and Eliza you are sorry for interrupting what they were doing.

Evelyn: I am really sorry George and Eliza…

Eliza: It's ok Evie, don't worry.
George: No problem!

Vanilla: I'm really sorry, but sometimes she's a handful!

Eliza: Don't worry Nilly!
Vanilla: I'll leave you to…what you were doing!

Eliza: I guess you were right, alone time would be good for us…!

My new doll!!!

In other news!!! Some of you know already I got a new JerryBerry Basic Berry and she is waiting in Milan for me to get back! (Yeah, she arrived really fast!!!) I'm excited to meet her 😉

On her way!

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