Backstory: George Bradford

Here is another backstory, while I work on the new photostories I have been preparing.

George Bradford

George in the spotlight

Name: George Bradford
Arrived: August 9th, 2010
Mold: Fairyland Minifee Carl NS
Body: A-Line Muscular Body
Face-up: by pepper
Eyes: 14 mm Glib Paperweight Glass Eyes Cobalt
Wig: Spite and Malice Basic Chocolate Brown
Age: 23
Birthday: April 7th
Used to be a Lati Blue Rucas

George is a character I used in more than one of my story ideas, so he had more than one name, but when he became a doll he adopted his current name. In more than one of these stories he actually has a relationship with one of Eliza’s “alter-egos”, so they were probably meant to be 🙂

George is 23 and he was born in an important family in the city. His father was a famous businessman his mother the typical high-middle class housewife. He was an only son but always had a close relationship with all his 4 cousins, because they used to spend the summer together in the family’s ranch. That is where he met Charlotte, who was best friends with his younger cousin Alice.
All in all, he had a very happy childhood and he always went to the best schools and never had to work much to have anything in his life. When he went to high school, being one of the popular kids and because of his natural charm he managed to get all the girls, and also in this area he never had to work much to get what he wanted. So he practically ended up treating them as objects, that you can be used and thrown away later. Being raised in a big family, and despite his tough-guy facade, he always dreamt of having his own kids someday.
At university he studied Management, so that in the future he could take his father’s place. However, he started realizing that some of his fathers “businesses” were not as clean as they looked, and when he finished his studies, he threatened to expose him. His father didn’t take him seriously and George ended up doing it and destroying his father’s reputation, who had no other option then to pass all his businesses to his son. Because of this incident, his parents stopped talking to him. His relationship with the rest of the family became more distant and it became a topic he doesn’t like to bring up much.

After this unfortunate episode, George decided it was time to move on with his life and leave his hometown, and that is how he ended up in a new house and met Eliza. After meeting her, despite all the misunderstandings, he started to change and seeing things from a new perspective.

And again the rest we already know! 😀

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