Backstory: Eliza D’Aurey

Everyone has been doing backstories and character presentations on Flickr lately, so I thought: why not? And I decided to post them here too! Enjoy!

Eliza D’Aurey

Name: Eliza D’Aurey
Arrived: March 25th, 2010
Mold: Fairyland Minifee Rheia NS
Body: A-Line, Large Bust, Cutie Legs
Faceup: Default
Eyes: 14 mm Glib Paperweight Glass Eyes Light Violet
Wig: Tinybear Rosewood Mohair
Age: 21
Birthday: November 25th
Used to be a AoD Qing

Flickr album:

Eliza is the older doll character I have so I should start with her. She was not really a character before being a doll, she basically incorporates characteristic of some characters I created but never developed much. She is very special to be because she basically gained a life and a personality from the stories even if I always knew what I wanted from her (I know it is a bit contradicting but that’s what happened).

Eliza D’Aurey is 21 years old. She was born in a very traditional family in a small village in the countryside, which raised her in a very conservative way. Her father was a famous landowner and had a small fortune and her mother died at childbirth. From that moment on, her father shut down and was never able to get close to his daughter or try having a relationship with her, probably because he blamed her for it. She was raised mainly by the maids that worked in the house, that treated her well but never with the attention or caring a child needs, and that is the main reason why Eliza never learned to show or express her feelings. She never had many friends and she used to spend her free time with books, which made her an idealist and a dreamer. She wished that someday she would be able to help people like the heroes in her stories and feel like she was important for something.
When she went to high school she went to a boarding school outside her village and her life changed, she got to know a lot of different people, even some “friends” but she always kept her distance and never talked much about her life, making it hard for the others to get to know her. When she was 21 her father died suddenly leaving all his money to her. The same year she met a boy, Edward, that learnt about her father and offered his support. They got closer fell in love and finally Eliza managed to soften her heart and trust someone with her feelings for the first time. They planned to get married, during the preparations Eliza found out that he was seeing another woman and that she was not the first. She also understood that he was trying to get to her father’s money, and that he didn’t love her. She left without telling anyone (she wasn’t someone that kept many connections with people) and travelled for a while until she finally found her new home.

After meeting Beatrice she began to show her motherly side, and she even smile again sometimes. Although they are not blood-related she saw in this little girl the sister she never had. And despite all the confusion, after meeting George she finally gave her heart a chance to love again.

The rest of the story we all know 😉

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