Photostory: Finally back again!

Hello everyone!
I am back in Lisbon on vacation between the 2 semesters and I am temporarily breaking the HIATUS and posting a photostory! I have at least another one, maybe two to post soon. But this is temporary unfortunately because I go back to Italy on the 3rd March 😦 
Please forgive me for the bad quality of this crappy story and the pictures…I am out of practice…and I didn't have much time to work on it since I had to send Charlotte to her new face-up! She went yesterday, can't wait to see her new look and have her back. She will probably be joining me in Italy, so this story tries to find a sort of excuse for her joining me alone, without her little sisters, although it will probably still take a while for her to be there… I will also bring the 2 pukifee, but that's another story!
By the way! The Leeke order finally arrived so I will be posting pics of my girls new look at the end of this post!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
George [FL MNF Carl]
Charlotte [FL MNF Ryeon]
Beatrice [FL LTF Ante]
Isabelle [FL LTF Rachel]



Eliza: Oh my!!!

Beatrice: Ellie!
Isabella: We are back!

Eliza: You are so big! I missed you so much!!! Did you enjoy your trip?
Beatrice: We went to Alice's and she has a pony!!! I missed you Ellie!
Isabelle: Me too!

Beatrice: Alice lives in a big house and we could play outside, and she had a pool!
Eliza: Wow, that sound like so much fun!
Isabelle: Where is Iris?
Eliza: She is playing in the room with Nilly, you can go say hi to them, they will be happy to see you!

Beatrice: Come Izzy! Let's go!

Eliza: So Charlotte… How are you?How did it go? You look so different and so…grown up.

George: Hey Little Lottie! That's a bit too much make-up for someone your age, no?
Eliza: George!!! Come on…!

Charlotte: I… Alice was trying to give me a make-over and I'm letting my hair grow… but I'm still getting used to the new look…I probably will change…

Charlotte: …Everything is fine, I just wanted to spend some time with the girls… How about things here…? I heard you two are together now…is that true?

Eliza: Oh my…she knows…
George: Yes, we are together now! I finally managed to win Eliza over, right?
Eliza: Oh George…come on… he really has no idea about what is happening…
George: Come on Ellie, don't be shy.

Eliza: Oh no! Maybe she already knew before…maybe this is the reason she left i the first place…!
George: But from what I heard you also have good news! Sofia told me you might join her in Milan, is it true?

Charlotte: Yeah…Alice told me that now that I finally found my sisters I should start thinking about my future and theirs, I should go back to study! I decided to do this preparatory course in London and then see if I'm accepted in Milan to study Fashion Design… and join Sofia! I already told Bee and Izzy.

George: That's awesome!!! We should celebrate! Come here and give me a hug kid!
Eliza: Congratulations, those are great news Charlotte!!!

Charlotte: Oh…! Ok…
George: Don't forget to visit often!
Charlotte: Sure. If you only knew how I wish things were different…


Here are the girls new looks! They all got new eyes and wigs from Leeke! I was worried because there have been so many problems with Leeke small wigs lately but I am really happy with everything and I love how they turned out!!! Enjoy!

New Charlotte!

Izzy and Bee - New Looks!

Sisters Fay!

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