Things are moving…

Hello everyone! 

I know I don't post here for a while but I decided to let you know about the news and what is going on with my dolls…

I was in Portugal for Christmas and I decided I can't resist: I am going to bring my two Pukifee girls with me when I go there next time, in the end of this month!!! They went through a small make-over and this is what they look like now:

Good news!

There are other news though!!!

I decided to send Lottie to a new face-up! I know she just had one and it is gorgeous, BUT I can't seem to get used to it in her character…so new one coming! I am sending her when I arrive in Portugal to Viridian House one of my favorite face-up artists of all time!!! And then she will probably be joining me in Milan too 😀

Also, I just placed a huge order with Leeke World for wigs and eyes and the sisters Fay are having a make-over when they arrive, Bee and Izzy are getting new hair and eyes and Charlotte is getting a completely new look and face!


I was thinking about my collection and I am really happy with it at the moment. I still decided to make a small wish list of the characters I would eventually like to add to make it "more complete" than it is at the moment 🙂

Alice is one of my characters that is still just imaginary, but really important…so I would love to give her a body! She is George's younger cousin and Charlotte's best friend. This are my choices of Minifee for her! I would love her to be mainly a Miyu or a Shushu but I am also considering Chloe with a custom face-up (I really don't like her default) and maybe even Mirwen (I like her but I'm not sure she would fit well).


I have space for another Minifee boy because I still have a nameless male character to fill…I would need a younger looking boy so I am stuck between Woosoo, Seorin and Luka, I love them all!

*WISHLIST* Minifee boy

Images from Fairyland

4 thoughts on “Things are moving…

  1. Sounds like your girls are going to be world travelers! You’ll have to take lots and lots of pictures of them in these places – I know that’s what I’d do! I love all those molds you mentioned, so I’m not going to be much help. lol I’m sure eventually one of them will speak to you. Can’t wait to see Charlotte’s new look!
    I miss your photostories, I guess everything has been very busy over there. Good to hear from you!

    • Oh! Thats so sweet of you! Your comment made my day 😉
      Things have been quite busy, its true, but everything is going very well! I will make sure to do some mini stories and take pictures of my little girls in these new places!!!
      Thank you! ❀

    • Thank you!
      I am almost sure it will be shushu or miyu but it will still be a long wait until I buy either one of them…for now I will keep my BJD family as they are! 😉

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