Photostory: Don’t be sad…

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone! With lots of love!!! Here is a little romantic and extra cheesy photostory to celebrate! Finally the big moment everyone has been waiting for: and I tell you, George totally surprised me in this one, I guess love can really change a person!
Enjoy and sorry about some blurry pics but the light was crappy today for my camera…

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
George [FL MNF Carl]



Eliza: I wonder when they will be back… hope everything is alright…

George: Eliza what is going on? You look kinda sad…
Eliza: Oh George! Nothing really…I was just thinking…

George: Wondering about Little Lottie and the girls again?
Eliza: Yeah…I wish I knew how they are and especially why Charlotte left without even talking to me…
George: Well, you don’t need to be that sad… I called Alice like you asked me to and I was right: they went to visit her!

Eliza: Really?
George: Yeah…and they are fine, don’t worry. Coming back next week…
Eliza: Oh…that’s good!

George: Now let’s change to a happier subject…I have something for you…!
Eliza: You do…? Oh but…I…

George: Here! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Eliza: Oooooh, it’s beautiful!
George: Not as beautiful as you…

Eliza: But you shouldn’t! I…I didn’t get you anything and we are not even officially in a relationship!!!
George: Don’t worry about those …ahm…details! Let me help you put it on, ok?

Eliza: Oh ok…
George: And of course if that’s a problem for you, here it goes…

George: Eliza…would you be my girlfriend?
Eliza: *blushes* Oh but… I…I mean…yes…

George: I love you.
Eliza: I love you too…

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