Photostory: Crisis!

I'm in Lisbon until the 26th!!! First semester is over!!!

Its crazy how much I have to catch up now that my old flickr is not working anymore!!! I have some of the stories uploaded there and now I need to upload everything to photobuckets again so the pictures won't disappear! and also I need to reupload and organize my new account! I am planning on doing a photostories album but I still need to link it back to all the stories on DoA and here…oh my!!! Hope these two weeks will be enough…

Now some good news:
Here is the old photostory I had been planning to post before I left…its only a small one this time! I was trying to explain (or find some kind of excuse for) Charlotte's changes in a hurry before she left for the new face-up…hehe
I will post this on DoA later…

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Charlotte [FL MNF Ryeon]



Eliza: Charlotte, I really need to talk to…wait…are you ok?
Charlotte: *sobs* yeah…

Eliza: Are you crying? Can I help with anything?
Charlotte: No!!! Just leave me alone!!! *sobs*

Eliza: Oh my… 

Eliza: Ok… I will go… but please let me know if you need to talk…
Charlotte: Just GO!!!

Charlotte: I hate her!!!!

The next day

Eliza: Strange…I haven't seen Charlotte since yesterday. I hope she is feeling better…maybe its not the right time to talk to her about George though…it looked like something was wrong with… Charlotte, are you here?

Eliza: Charlotte…! Oh!? What is this? A note?

Eliza: Its from Charlotte…let me see: I am going away for a week…I am taking Bee and Izzy, I need some time to think and we need some sisters time. Please do not ask any more questions. See you later, Charlotte. Huh????

Eliza: Oh dear, what happened?…I hope they are alright…

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