Photostory: Careful! She’s dangerous!

Guess who arrived today??? She really is a dream come true!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]
Iris [FL PKF Bonnie]
Evelyn [FL PKF Ante]



Vanilla: Eliza!!! Could you come here please?

Eliza: Yes, Nilly?

Vanilla: I really need your help! This box arrived for me from the fairy kingdom, its from the queen! Could you help me open it with the weird human tool? It’s urgent and I feel a powerful energy coming from inside!!! Maybe there was a problem and they need my help!!! It might be dangerous!

Eliza: Oh my! Ok Nilly, Ill get the things to open the box…
Iris: Eliza…are you scared?
Eliza: No dear it’s ok… I hope…

Eliza: Here we go!

Iris: Oh look! Its a box just like mine!
Vanilla: Strange…
Iris: Maybe father sent another one of my brothers or sisters to join me?
Vanilla: Uhmmm…I don’t think so Iris. This energy is much more powerful than yours, nothing like I have ever felt before…Let’s open it, just be careful…

Vanilla: OH!

Eliza: It’s empty! Are you sure there was energy inside? Someone alive?
Vanilla: I…I swear I felt it but I can’t feel it anymore…What’s going on…?
Iris: Look!! there’s a little envelope there!

Vanilla: It’s a message from the Queen! It says: “Nilly, this is a very special package and we send it to you because you are one of the most trustworthy and responsible fairies in the Realm and you can keep her safe. She appeared in our kingdom a week ago and one powerful energy like this is very special and of course attracts unwanted attentions. Therefore we decided the best solution was to send her to someone on a mission, who could hide her and protect her, in the human world. The truth is we don’t know yet what she is or where her power comes from but be careful because it might have unknown effects. The Fairy Queen”

Vanilla: “PS: She can disappear and reappear anywhere she likes, that’s one power we already know of…and you probably know too, by now.” Great! Now we have to find this…thing…fast!
Eliza: Any idea what we are looking for?
Vanilla: Not really… We really could use some more help…

Noname: Hi! I can help!
Iris: Hi there! We are looking for a dangerous thing Nilly lost! Did you see it?

Eliza: Oh! And who are you little one?

Vanilla: That’s her!!! The thing…! The energy!
Iris: Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Iris, are you dangerous?
Noname: No hihihi I’m not Dangerous, I’m Evelyn or Eve!
Vanilla: Wait Iris…she…

Eliza: Oh, she looks like a little girl!
Vanilla: But we have to be careful Eliza, she’s a powerful being, and we are not sure yet what she can do! I have to keep a close eye on her!!!

Iris: Eliza, meet my new friend Eve!
Evelyn: Hi pretty lady!
Eliza: Hello little one! I’m Eliza, nice to meet you.
Vanilla: Huh?? Careful Eliza she can be…

Eliza: But she’s just  a little girl…how can she be dangerous?

Vanilla: Oh my…this is going to be great!

Ok! In truth the box did not come empty hehe, on the contrary! She came with this sweet pink wig, that it’s not really her character, but it’s adorable!!! and a flora faceplate I am thinking about selling! She’s adorable but I have no body or character for her (she borrowed Iris’ body for the pic)


I am still not sure about her final look though…I think I will go with the green eyes that give her more personality, but tell me what you think!
P2100070_2 P2100077_2

8 thoughts on “Photostory: Careful! She’s dangerous!

  1. *squeals* Awww!!! Tell Iris that I’ll look after her instead *o*/
    And that red wig looks GORGEOUS! It’s kinda like…fwoomfh! Badly typed sound affect, but I love it on her 😀

  2. So much curls!!! lol I love the green eyes on her, too. She looks very Irish with the red curly hair and the green eyes. She’s really cute. And great way of doing a box opening! Very cute!

  3. She is just stunningly cute with the red wig and green eyes! (And also with the blue ones.) Ante is my ultimate favourite doll sculpt ever and once again I see why. Congrats!

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