Finally some News and Explanations!!!

 Hello everyone!

I know I kind of disappeared for a long time and never said anything else! I never posted the stories I posted or anything else!
Here is WHY:
Well, everything has an explanation…
Before I left there was a big mess with Charlotte's head. She had left for a face-up and she returned before I left as planned but her lip was chipped (the face-mask ruined her face-up) and I had to send her away again for a new one!!! (luckily they corrected it for free at Wind Dolls) That's why I never had the time to post the promised stories…that and the whole confusion I was through taking care of the Erasmus stuff.

Then the Erasmus started! And since I didnt take my dollies and for a while I didnt have much time online, dollie things were kind of forgotten!!! I'm sooooo sorry! As for the Erasmus: I'm loving it! Everything is PERFECT, couldnt be better! I just miss my darlings too much: I wish I could bring them 😊

BUT, that's not all: when I decided to check my dollie accounts I had totally forgotten my passwords!!! I had an AWFUL time to recover them and I just managed to access this account this christmas when I was at home…but I wasnt in Portugal for a long time so there was no time for anything related to dolls anyway… and since I returned i have been overwhelmed with all the uni work I just had time for this post now!


But the good news are: I am going to Portugal on vacation this February for 2 weeks and I hope to post the promised stories or at least just take some dollie pics 🙂
I also have a new family member coming: she has been in my wishlist since I started collecting dolls and I decided it was time to get her, A PUKIFEE ANTE! I am just still not sure about her character yet 🙂


this is a picture by the previous owner fergo1986 (click on the pic to see her flickr)
She is gorgeous and she even comes with a Flora faceplate! but maybe I will sell it…

Now the BAD NEWS: I totally forgot my flickr for ladysophia account yahooID and pass so it is impossible for me to access it now. Thats why I havent replied to any of your comments or messages there…so I have my other account now where I will start to post my dollie pics and I will star adding all of the people I had in the other one…but there is nothing there yet…^^;
Here it is:

Kisses and see you soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Finally some News and Explanations!!!

  1. D’awww! she looks adorable!
    X3 Glad that you’re havin’ fun at your uni! Whoot! We (or I at least) shall be anxiously waiting for more stories from ya!

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