Photostory: Caught in the Middle

First of all I want to thank you all for the nice comments on the previous story and all the best wishes!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really meant a lot to me to know that many people follow my stories and they will be missed 🙂 Like I promised here is another story that I made before Charlotte went for her new face-up! (You can read more about it here) Oh the drama!!! The story everybody has been afraid of, lol!

In this story:

George [FL MNF Carl]
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Charlotte [FL MNF Ryeon]



George: Hey Eliza, there you are!
Eliza: Oh George!

George: I was looking for you…
Eliza: What happened?

George: I just wanted to tell you something but…
Eliza: But…?

George: First I want something else *grins*
Eliza: Huh?

George: Come here and kiss me!
Eliza: Oh George!

Charlotte: Ge…

Charlotte: WHA?!

Eliza: Of course I will kiss you…!
Charlotte: Kiss??!! What is going on?

Charlotte: Why is Eliza kissing George????

Charlotte: He was supposed to be MINE….! She was supposed to be my friend…

Charlotte: I can’t believe this is happening!

Eliza: There was something you wanted to tell me right?

George: Well… something really weird happened today…with Little Lottie.

Eliza: Charlotte?
George: Yes… I was alone and she sat next to me and started acting really weird and getting…kind of too close…

Eliza: Oh my!
George: And then she started saying she really missed me… if I didn’t know her for so long I would say she was making a move on me! Don’t you think it would be better to tell her and the girls about us?

Eliza: You are right!
George: I am…?
Eliza: I need to talk to her as soon as possible! I have to find her…!

George: Ok…see ya… What just happened?

Charlotte: How could she??? *cries*

Charlotte’s new face-up, she looks gorgeous (this is not my pic, this pic is be the face-up artist) I love it!!!!
She is already on the way home and will arrive tomorrow, which means I will be able to make the stories that I promised before I leave! 


Face-up by Wind Dolls.


7 thoughts on “Photostory: Caught in the Middle

  1. Oh the drama… Poor Charlotte, what a way to find out the situation… But she´ll become even better and wow, that new face is wonderful. She looks more mature with that, you can always say the experience made her grow up a bit. 🙂 She´ll be gorgeous and hopefully happy too, after the first shock of the news.
    I´m so going to miss your stories. 🙂

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