The Announcement

This story is not really part of the main story line! I just thought the best way to catch everybody's attention for this announcement would be through a story and for this I used my little girls because they usually get less attention than the Minifees around here and I love them so much!!! More explanation about this and why I only decided to post this now at the end of the story after the message!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Iris/Cupid [FL PKF Bonnie]
Beatrice [FL LTF Ante]
Isabelle [FL LTF Rachel]



Isabelle: Hi! Me and Bee want to tell you a big message!
Beatrice: Ohhh…?

Beatrice: Izzy, can I hold the Kitty book myself?
Isabelle: But… I wrote the message here…
Beatrice: But it has Hello Kitty and I want to look important!!! Pleeeeease?
Isabelle: Hmmm…

Beatrice: Pretty pleeease?
Isabelle: Ok ok Bee…I know what it says anyway…Here you go!
Beatrice: Thank you, sis!

Isabelle: So… like I said we have a message!
Beatrice: And mommy said it is important!
Isabelle: Mommy is going to live in Milan in Italy next school year to study! 
Beatrice: And that's not home! It is far away!

Isabelle: Wait… didn't mommy say she cannot to take us with her?
Beatrice: She did…
Isabelle: That means we will be left home alone and there will be no more stories for a while…

Beatrice: Oh no…
Isabelle: A year is a long time…right? *snif*
Beatrice: *snif*

Iris: What is happening? You look so sad…
Isabelle: We are…

Isabelle: We just found out mommy is going away next year and she cannot take us with her…
Beatrice: That means no more stories…and no mommy… a year is a long time…
Iris: Oh noes… that really is sad…

Iris: I don't want her to leave…I will miss Sofia so much!!!
Beatrice: Me too! *snif*

Eliza: Girls? What is going on? Are you alright?
Girls: *snif*

Eliza: Why are you so sad?
Beatrice: We just found out mommy is going away…
Iris: And she cannot takes us with her!
Isabelle: We will miss her so much…
Eliza: Oh my!

Eliza: Don't worry, Sofia is leaving but she will come to visit us! And we won't be alone! We will have each other, right?
Isabelle: Yeah…
Beatrice: I hope she visits often!
Iris: Me too…
Eliza: I'm sure she will 🙂

Now some explaining: 

I know, it's unexpected!

I am really excited about this but I will miss my dollies soooo much!!! I am going on Erasmus for the whole academic year to Milan, Italy and I am leaving on the 14th already! I didn't post anything about this sooner because at first I decided I would take my dolls with me somehow but then circumstances made it impossible, especially because I have a big family at the moment (not only a couple of dolls) and I decided it would be safer to leave them at home! I'm sorry!

This means the photostories will be on hiatus for a while! I still have a couple of stories to post and I am hoping to be able to make some more to leave the story at a turning point and not in the middle of action (at least I want to leave the Charlotte Problem solved)!!! I will miss making them so much! Especially now that I was having so much fun with my new dolls and I already had a group of awesome readers that gave so much positive feedback!!! It makes me so happy!

I won't be so active in the BJD world either but I hope to keep visiting LJ, Flickr and DoA and checking what's new regularly! I am also planning on coming home to visit a bunch of times and I hope I will have time to dedicate to my dollies and to my stories then!!! And of course they will come back when I am back 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Announcement

  1. Oh, that sounds like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, but I know I never could have studied abroad – I would have missed my family too much. Learn lots of Italian! We’ll miss you and your stories, but you won’t be too far away if you keep visiting us on line. 🙂 Good luck in your studies!

    • Thank you sooo much! I am really excited: I went to Italy on vacation and I loved it, I cant wait to live there hehe! I already can speak a little bit of italian but I hope to learn it well now!!! I will be online, don’t worry 😉

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